Recharging Your Batteries in a New Job After Your Previous One Drained You


When you first start a new job, it is an exciting, stressful and overwhelming time. New employees tend to accept this is their reality as they learn the ropes of their new job and start to settle in.†You are able to cultivate your leadership skills and learn new strategies in the workplace. The idea is that over time you grow more familiar with your role and responsibilities, and what may have started out as stressful and overwhelming becomes second nature, and enjoyable even.

So what happens if youíve put in your time, youíve gotten familiar with your position and built up your skills and knowledge and youíre still feeling overwhelmed? The fact is that there are some jobs that just drain a person both mentally and physically. It may be a high-stressed atmosphere, a fast-paced atmosphere, or even the people you are surrounded by that drain you. At a certain point, it starts to become clear that in order to recharge your batteries a career change is in order.

The fact is that finding a new full-time job is always time-consuming but you have to think of your personal well-being and level of happiness. Staying in a job that is draining everything out of you certainly wonít help you in the end. In order to help give you that jumpstart you may be needing, hereís a look at some tips that will help you to recharge your batteries in a new job.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When searching for a new job it may be worth your time to step outside your comfort zone. Perhaps the field or industry you were working in just isnít right for you. Maybe itís time for a whole new pace in the workplace. Finding another job in the same type of company and industry may just lead to the exact same results.


Consider Working Abroad

You may want to take a really big step and combine work with exploring and discovering a new country and culture. If thatís the case then looking into work abroad programs and opportunities can prove to be an exciting route to take. Sometimes it takes a drastic change in scenery and pace in order for you to recharge and start to relax once again.


Set Limits for Yourself

Before you start a new job itís also important to set personal limits. Those limits may mean such things as you arenít willing to work evenings or weekends, you donít want to put in overtime, you want a defined position where you arenít expected to do your work and more, etc. Take a look at what made you so stressed and drained in your previous job and steer clear of those same elements in a new one.


Find a Way to Make a Career Out of Your Passion

The team at castilleresources recruitment say that one way you can ensure that work doesnít leave you drained is to find a way to turn your passion into your career. If youíre doing something you enjoy and that you feel passionate about, itís not going to drain you. Instead it will invigorate you and push you to work your hardest and do your best.


Leave Work at the Office

Even if you find that perfect GP job that doesnít leave you feeling drained, itís still important to learn how to leave work at the office. When you leave for the day, all work-related issues, stress and problems need to stay in the office. Taking them home with you so that you can stress all evening will only start the vicious circle all over again, and it wonít be long until youíre feeling drained.


Recharging Your Batteries is Well Worth Your Time

When it comes to a job leaving you drained emotionally and physically, it is never worth the fight. Instead look for a job that leaves you feeling inspired, motivated, appreciated and doesnít suck all your energy out of you. A new job that suits you better is an excellent way to recharge your batteries and find your energy and passion all over again.