Reasons Why iPhone is Better Than Android

iPhone vs Android

iPhones have been in competition with Androids from the time that the first of each of the phones was released. And because both of the products are amazing users find it hard to select which of the phones to buy between the iPhone and the Android. To make your choice much easier, we look at a few ways that iPhone is better than Android. Did you know that on both on these phones you can play real money casinos nz games and stand a chance to win big,

Why iPhone is Better Than Android

1.     The Uniqueness

As much as Android users might love to deny it, an iPhone is unique. The make of the iPhone is unique only to the iPhone. You will not find any other phone that looks like or uses iOS other than the iPhone or rather Apple products. This makes the iPhone very unique.

2.     The Safety and Security Features

Apple takes pride in their users’ privacy, that is why you will rarely ever come across an iPhone that has been hacked. The security that is used by Apple on their iPhone is so tight that even government officials cannot hack it. And this has caused several disputes over the years, however Apple refuses to back down.

3.     The Number of Apps

iPhones are way cooler than Android devices and that a fact, as such developers are focusing more on creating applications for iPhone and then Android. Even the real money slots games that were once rare to find on iPhones are now there.

4.     Perfect Sync With your Mac

iPhones sync perfectly with the Mac Book, its like the two are a pair that cannot be separated. Anyways that is also what makes the iPhone stand out. With Android devices you don’t have that perfect pair like you have with the Mac Book and the iPhone. With some phones you may even need a specific application or software for you to be able to connect to your PC.