5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Motorcycle Riding Experience With Bluetooth Technology

Over the last few decades, communication and safety gear have undergone serious advances. Among the numerous technologies that made otherwise impossible connections happen, Bluetooth was a revelation. While the earliest versions of this technology had its share of limitations, it was nevertheless promising.

These days, there are Bluetooth device options that serve the essential purpose of keeping everyone connected at a reasonable distance and enabling them to enjoy music the wireless way—that means without needing to fuss with tangled cables.

And then it got even better. Today, motorcycle riders get to enjoy its benefits, too.

There are two ways motorcycle enthusiasts can utilize Bluetooth during travel. The first option is a motorcycle helmet-capable Bluetooth device. This tiny technology can either be easily clipped onto one side of the helmet or require careful installation that entails directly screwing holes onto your protective headgear.

If convenience is a priority, the motorcycle helmet with pre-installed Bluetooth is the best way to go. This option can be a bit pricey, sure, but this custom designed helmet requires zero installation and is ready to use.

Tip: If you’re in the market for a motorcycle helmet with preinstalled Bluetooth equipment, look for the most technologically advanced. This means checking for those that are compatible with GPS navigational controls, video game consoles, MP3 devices, laptops, and smartphones. Take into consideration flexible boom mics with noise cancellation features. A chargeable lithium battery should keep you active and connected longer.

The use of Bluetooth technology for motorcycle rides has a number of benefits, and here are five of them that are considered invaluable:

1. Encourages rider safety

As opposed to taking your mobile phone with you during a ride and answering calls the conventional way, you can count on your Bluetooth device or headset to make the process easier—and safer. Through this wireless technology that you integrate with your mobile phone, you can answer calls with a single flick of a button. This allows you to speak as you would to someone the standard way and attend to urgent calls without having to pull over and take a pause from your travel. And because talking on your mobile phone while riding your bike is considered illegal in several states, this is a great option for a worry-free, convenient and uninterrupted travel.

look2. Promotes connectedness and communication among riders

The bike-to-bike communication technology in Bluetooth is considered a breakthrough feature. In addition to its capacity to make mobile phone calls handling easy, it allows motorcycle travellers to stay connected with fellow riders and buddies within a reasonable distance or location without having to take their helmet off. Consequently, a rider can talk with others in the group to signal problems, ask for routes or directions, give a new rider coaching tips on a real-time basis, or just converse with them while cruising.

This functionality was originally engineered as an “intercom” that pairs together two riders with matching hardware in an ad-hoc network. Today, newer Bluetooth models allow for more riders to be connected through stronger built-in antennas and better signals. The repeater technology extends the range to at least a mile.

Bluetooth connectivity also allows riders to talk to their passenger conveniently while riding. Moreover, there are several Bluetooth motorcycle helmets with preinstalled mic and multi-line communication functionality that enable them to communicate wirelessly with nearby family or friends.

bluetooth3. Provides entertainment on the go

While long-distance travels using the bike can be a euphoric experience, it doesn’t hurt to be entertained—but remain undisturbed—with music on the go. Today, Bluetooth helmets and helmet-capable Bluetooth devices come in various models that offer the safety and connectivity functionalities without sacrificing superior sound quality. With top quality Bluetooth models, you can listen to your favorite audio tracks from your helmet with less interference.

4. Does not break the bank

Bluetooth devices do not have to cost a fortune. There are less costly options that offer all or nearly the same functionalities as would an expensive one. In fact, a number of mid-priced Bluetooth for helmet models even include a Bluetooth transmitter. It is always the rider’s choice whether to spend hundreds on a model but there are those that are economical.

5. Appears trendy and stylish

Bluetooth devices for helmets and helmets with pre-installed Bluetooth are not merely functional pieces to make your road trip experience a better one. Most of them have sporty and trendy designs that make stylish and sleek additions to your gear.

With the advent of Bluetooth technology, communication has become much easier, and connectivity has gotten better. With a Bluetooth-supported headset, you can enjoy traveling on your bike safely and even more conveniently.