Reasons to Fall in Love with Budapest

What is the one thing you will love about Budapest? Why is it that every time you find your mind wandering, ends up in Budapest? And while the food has a lot to accomplish with it, that’s not the only reason.

There’s so much more to uncover and fall in adoration within Europe’s most underrated capital metropolis than simply it is incredible cooking.

Here are the six motivations that will compel you to visit Budapest sooner than later and, alternatively, why you’ll fall in love with Budapest.

Fall in Love with Budapest


It, of course, maintains to be the #1 motivation to stay in Budapest, Hungary. From its iconic riverfront Parliament Building to the Chain Bridge extending from Buda to Pest across the shining Danube River to its red rooftops and centuries-old Castle District, the panoramas in Budapest are sufficient to create your desire to stay forever.

Extremely Underrated City

When travelers visit Europe, they often steer straight for Rome, London, or Paris, and the guess is that almost half of them don’t even comprehend Budapest, Hungary exists. For us as visitors, this is a marvelous thing. It signifies almost empty museums, uncrowded lanes, low rates, and a comprehensive, relaxed vibe to make a holiday in Budapest even more pleasurable.


Budapest is the most affordable city in Europe. You can effortlessly book a 3-star hotel for about $25 (USD) per night. And if you enjoy living large, you can locate 5-star hotels for approximately $120 per night via a quick Internet search. Plus, you’ll want two and three-course meals for less than $10 and glasses of wine and beer for approximately $2 or $3. Talk about a bargain for your money!

Historic Gem

As you walk through Budapest’s cobblestone lanes, you’ll locate museum after museum, memorial after memorial, antique building after, yet another, outdated structure. For example, the Shoes on the Danube, a monument to poor Jews who were hit and destroyed in that very spot during World War II, sits along the river. At the same time, the 13th century Mary Magdalene Tower stands tall across the Danube. Meanwhile, the Hungarian National Museum presents the country’s past from antiquity to the present. Budapest’s creepy, underground tunnel system boasts once imprisoning Vlad the Impaler, also termed as “Count Dracula.”

Food: Hearty and Delicious

Spicy, light, creamy, comforting. These few terms wrap up Hungarian meals into one delicious verdict. Imagine a wholehearted bowl of Hungarian goulash, served piping hot, packed to the brim with tender chunks of vegetables, beef, and Hungary’s famous spice: paprika. What about a helping of juicy chicken paprikash, smothered in Hungarian spices and sour cream, served atop a dish of delicate nokedli (Hungarian-style dumplings)? Still hungry for more? Endeavor to a homey serving of Töltött Káposzta, a large leaf of cabbage loaded with minced meat and rice and doused with a healthy blob of sour cream. For dessert, a classic Hungarian strudel filled with sweet apples or cherries will be on the plate!

Interesting People

Throughout its chronology, the country’s links to the Turks, Germans, Jews, Austrians, Russians, and many others have had an eternal impact on Hungary’s population. As a result, Budapest’s people are varied in background and will always have something exciting and opinionated about their city, government, and history. You can understand a lot from speaking to the locals. Contrary to typical Eastern European stereotypes, you will find them very hospitable, friendly, and eager to show and tell us more about their city.

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