Reasons for Playing at an Anonymous Casinos


Anonymous online casinos are a growing trend in the casino industry. Thanks to developments in payments technology ushered in by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and more anonymous digital assets, the last piece of the puzzle in terms of identity concealment online has fallen into place. 

How to Register at an Anonymous Casino

Anonymous casinos are very much like traditional online gambling venues. However, the main difference is that you wonít have to share any private data to register. This has all kinds of advantages for some players that we will discuss in the final section of this article.

Registration at a truly anonymous casino is even easier than at a regular online casino. Visit the website of the casino you want to play at, hit register, and throw in a username. If that username is available, it will let you into the casino to see the games. Thatís it!

Note: Much of the research of this article was conducted using Bitsler.com, along with a few other venues. Whilst the registration requirements are often similar, there will be slight variations. For example, Bitsler allows you to register with the site with just a username but then prompts you to set a password prior to depositing. This protects your money if you were to disconnect or go offline.

How to Deposit at an Anonymous Casino

As well as being slightly different on registration, depositing at anonymous casino is not as it would be at a traditional online casino. Firstly, the currency you will be using is generally not US dollars, euros, or pounds. Instead, itíll be cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are fantastic at preserving anonymity. They require the user submit no personal information to open a wallet and once open, they can transfer value around the world using the internet in seconds.

Whilst it is possible to eventually identify a person by their cryptocurrency wallet (with a lot of effort from companies specialising in whatís known as blockchain forensics), for all but the largest drug deals and money laundering cases, the cost prohibits such investigation. There are also some currencies, like Monero, that are believed to be entirely untraceable.

You can learn all about how to buy and use cryptocurrency all over the web. Itís really easy. When you have a wallet containing some Bitcoin or other digital currency, all you do is click deposit at the anonymous casino you are using, copy the address presented, paste it into your Bitcoin wallet, enter the amount you want to send, and hit send. Your money should arrive with a few minutes to half an hour depending on which digital currency was used.

Why Choose an Anonymous Casino?

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might want to use an anonymous casino. Gambling is not only a legal issue in some parts of the world but also a moral and health one too. Whilst obviously not the case for everyone, some people will have perfectly valid reasons for wanting to keep their gambling habits a secret. Here are just a few of them.


Most of the major world religions frown upon speculation and gambling. Frustratingly, many people are born into a religion and have the rules of it barked at them throughout most if not all of their formative years whether they agree with them or not. In particularly close religious families, one member may be losing faith and wanting to explore other ways of life without being judged by those closest to them. Gambling using an anonymous casino might allow the individual the freedom to do just that.

Living in a nation that doesnít allow gambling

Of course, there are some countries around the world that explicitly ban gambling in some or all forms. Whether you agree or not with such national laws and the very concept with being forced to live your life differently dependent on which imaginary lines you were born inside of, there are still arguments for anonymous casinos that do not involve someone breaking the laws of their own country.

What about if you were on holiday somewhere that has closed player pools and you want to play blackjack without leaving your hotel room? To sign up at a local online venue would be impossible Ė no citizenship documents, no local bank, etc. An anonymous casino is great in such circumstances.


Unfortunately, anonymous casinos arenít exclusively the liberating futuristic gaming venues that we have painted them to be here. They can also cause more harm to those suffering some of the more negative effects of gambling.

As part of gambling regulation in certain nations, casinos allow users to blacklist themselves. Of course, to blacklist oneself from anything requires that the organisation knows who you are.

Anonymous casinos donít care who you are, where youíre from, or what you do or have done. They offer an online gambling service with no questions asked. As such, they pose a risk to those suffering withdrawal symptoms from gambling. Being able to sign up with no identity documents and no checks in just minutes could well be some once-recovering-addictís downfall.

Just Want to Keep it Private!

Ultimately, itís no oneís business but your own why you want to keep your gambling private. Itís your life, your hobby, and (hopefully) your money. If you enjoy gambling and want to keep it a secret for whatever reason, the rise of anonymous casinos will likely be music to your ears!