Realtek HD Audio Manager : Getting it Available

Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows 10 is missing. No problem!!

When you are unable to find the Realtek Audio HD Manager on the system or in case it is non-functioning, follow the below-given troubleshooters, and fix the problem. It will definitely be fixed swiftly and easily.

Troubleshooter-1 : Realtek Audio driver Update

To update the Realtek Audio driver will solve this issue on the computer.

  1. Press Windows key+X. Then, click on “Device Manager”.
  2. Press “Sound, video and game controllers” on expanding Device Manager window.
  3. Right-click “Realtek(R) Audio” press Update driver” for updating the device.
  4. Press “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  5. Tap “Pick from the list of available drivers”.
  6. Select “Realtek High Definition Audio” driver and tao on “Next” to initiate the installation procedure.Close Device Manager window on completion of the installation procedure.
  7. Reboot the system to complete the installation procedure. Realtek HD Audio Manager will start working fine.
Realtek Audio HD Manager

Troubleshooter-2 : Downloading Microsoft Update Catalogue

When the software version of the Realtek Audio driver is old, download to install the latest version of the driver available in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

  1. Try to open Device Manager by clicking the Windows key+X and pressing on “Device Manager”.
  2. Tap on “Sound, video and game controllers” in Device Manager window.
  3. You are required to double click “Realtek(R) Audio” to analyze driver version of the Realtek.
  4. Open Audio Properties window, to select the “Driver” tab. Note `Driver Date’ and `Driver Version’. Minimize Device Manager window.
  5. Check on Microsoft Update Catalog.
  6. Enter the driver version in Search box and press on “Search” to find for driver updates.
  7. Find the latest update of the audio driver in the next window, and tap on “Download” just beside the driver.
  8. A pop-up window will be pop open. Tap on the driver’s name, which will contain an extension “.cab” to start the downloading process. The driver will be downloaded as an audio zip file.
  9. View the Device Manager in a maximized window.
  10. Right-click on “Realtek (R) Audio” and tap on “Update driver” to update device temporarily on the computer.
  11. Tap the option “Browse the computer for driver software”.
  12. In Browse for drivers on the computer window, press on “Browse” and navigate to the folder where you have just downloaded the update.
  13. Press on the “Next” search for installing the latest driver.
    Once you have installed the driver, you will need to restart your computer. After rebooting the computer, you will find the Realtek Audio Manager.
Realtek Audio HD Manager

Troubleshooter-3 : Running Audio Troubleshooter

Running audio troubleshooter can fix the problem issue on the system.

  1. Write in the search box “Update & Security” alongside the Windows icon.
  2. Tap on the “Update & Security” in the search result.
  3. Press “Troubleshoot” on the left-hand side of the window in the Update & Security window.
  4. Scroll down through the right-hand side to search and tap “Playing Audio” and tap “Run the troubleshooter”.

The troubleshooter will definitely sort out audio problems on the system. Now, try to find Realtek HD Audio Manager on the system.