Real-Time Collaborative Editing with CKEditor

real time editing

A real-time collaborative editor is a software or web application that facilitates real-time collaborative editing, concurrent editing, or live editing of the same digital document, computer file, or cloud-stored data. For example, it can be an online word-processing document, spreadsheet, database, or presentation at the same time by diverse users on various computers or mobile gadgets, with the automatic and almost instantaneous merging of their edits. 

Understanding Real-Time Collaborative Editor

Real-time editing performs automatic, periodic, often nearly instantaneous synchronization of edits of all online users as they edit the document on their device. It is designed to avoid or minimize edit conflicts.

Real-time Collaboration Editing

  • Communicate with others. Introduce variations in the corresponding document on the fly.
  • Build a document together with other users in real-time, without any technical constraints. Simultaneously edit the identical word that a different user is styling or transforming into a list. CKEditor 5 will incorporate all edge cases and assure the best user experience.

 The real-time collaboration comprises four features delivered as separate plugins that can be utilized with any CKEditor 5:

  1. Real-time collaborative editing  Acknowledges for editing the same document by multiple users simultaneously. It also automatically solves all conflicts if users make changes at the same time.
  2. Real-time collaborative comments  This makes it possible to add comments to any part of the content in the editor.
  3. Real-time collaborative record changes  Changes to the content are collected as suggestions that can be received or discarded later.
  4. Users selection and presence list  This shows the selection of additional users and permits you to view the list of users currently editing the content in the editor.

All the above features are customizable. It makes implementing real-time collaborative editing within your application a highly customizable out-of-the-box experience.

Collaborating with Colleagues 

To collaborate with your co-workers or friends, all you possess to do is to share the link. Every time you load the page, a unique document ID gets appended to the URL. Every document ID and content stay alive for an hour after the last user disconnects from it, so you do not lose your content immediately. Also, there isn’t a deadline for the number of collaborators! Collaboration makes it more comfortable to create your content swiftly and efficiently. With CKEditor 5, where you communicate, comment, review and proofread, the content is unified, so you don’t waste time shifting between applications to edit and review. If some of your collaborators favor Markdown, CKEditor 5 has you covered there too!

Best WYSIWYG EditorOnline 

What values CKEditor apart from other online HTML tools is its originality! It is the original online WYSIWYG Editor. So whether you are searching for a quick online solution or to achieve the editor in your software, CKEditor will constantly provide you with the most advanced and most incredible WYSIWYG features. 

Online HTML Editor Features

Styling and Formatting: The Basic Styles plugin allows you to add introductory text formatting to your document.

Copy Formatting: The elective Copy Formatting plugin implements the ability to copy text formatting from one place in the document instantly and apply it to another.

Removing Text Formatting: The Remove Format plugin implements the ability to promptly remove any text formatting applied for inline HTML elements and CSS styles.

Autoformatting: The Autoformat characteristic in CKEditor 5 allows you to apply formatting to your writing content quickly.

Block-Level Text Formats: The Format plugin implements the ability to add block-level text formatting to your document. It includes the Paragraph Format toolbar button that implements these text formats.

Tables: This plugin appends the Table Properties dialog window to create tables and establish basic table properties.

Inserting Images: The default Image plugin recommends inserting images into the editor content. In extension, this plugin supports left and proper alignment. 

Pasting Content from Google Docs: The Paste from Google Docs plugin allows you to paste content from Google Docs and manage original content structure and formatting.

Pasting Content from LibreOffice: The Paste from LibreOffice plugin empowers you to copy LibreOffice Writer and manage original content structure and formatting.

Pasting Content from Microsoft Excel: The Paste from Excel plugin allows you to paste content from Microsoft Excel and support original content structure and formatting.

Pasting Content from Microsoft Word: The Paste from Word plugin enables you to paste content from Microsoft Word and keep innovative content structure and formatting. It automatically identifies Word content and transforms its layout and design to clean HTML.

Source Code Editing: CKEditor 5 is a WYSIWYG editor, making it easy for end-users to work on HTML content without any understanding of HTML whatsoever.

Code Snippets: This plugin lets you insert rich code fragments and view a live preview with highlighted syntax.

Embedding Media Resources: The Media Embed plugin embeds resources (videos, images, tweets, etc.) hosted by other services such as Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter in the editor.

Spellcheck on the go: The SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT) plugin implements inline spelling and grammar checking, very much like the native browser spell checker.

Wrap Up: Why CKEditor?

Sometimes, WYSIWYG editors in your software misbehave or may get out-of-date or are not reliable. Many developers go for manageable, lightweight, do-it-yourself-editors based on theories without proper analysis or testing for their use, which frustrates the end-users. However, both CKEditors are developed with 16 years of experience in WYSIWYG rich-text editing by a crew of 40+ developers. They consistently attend to user concerns, inclinations, new feature requests to support and build their editors. As a result, approaches that handle complex structures and constant improvements make the CKEditor more durable than other precedents.