Why Your Real Estate Website Should Use Lightroom Presets


Every realtor or real estate photographer should know the simple truth that for the effective sale you need beautiful photos. Also, just beautiful photos are not enough, pictures have to be incredibly catchy, properly edited and maximally natural. All this can be achieved with the help of competent and professional editing in Lightroom. However, often there is a question for beginners, how to edit real estate photos in Lightroom? After all, this editing can take an awfully long period of time and requires certain skills. That’s why we propose you to become a fan of Lightroom presets.

For each type of shooting, photos and their subjects, there are different types of interior design Lightroom presets designed by professionals. There are 3 types of efficient real estate LR presets for Indoor, Outdoor photography, and with HDR effect.

Exterior LR presets


A huge amount of professionals in this type photography will appreciate the set of architectural presets for photo editing because itís much easier to apply than edit every single photo shoot. If you have ever faced the problems with the excessive darkness of images, lack of sun, white fading, these settings are perfect for you. Professionals especially take into account the attributes of photographs that are shot on the street to dispose of things that can sometimes be quite annoying, for example, excessive yellowness. In addition, these presets can also become street photography Lightroom presets for other street photos. Just try to experiment. Moreover, these professional Lightroom presets make standard photo clarification and color correction, but take into account natural shades, without changing them. You donít need certain real estate photography editing techniques and skills, just download the presets and use them for your photos in one click.

Interior LR presets


There is absolutely no doubt that photographs of the interior should look perfect if they are used for commercial purposes. However, every photographer who is engaged in indoor photography knows that difficulties can arise with lighting, a huge amount of textures and details in the photo. You have to work with these drawbacks during photo editing. To facilitate the life of the photographer, special architectural presets are created. You can use indoor Lightroom presets to improve the sharpness in photos or to increase the color brightness as well as to add light to gloomy rooms, but the result will be the same Ė your simple and most ordinary image will suddenly turn into an incredibly bright photo.

HDR LR presets


It often happens that the photos of the interior or exterior require additional brightness. HDR street photography Lightroom presets are a great helper in this question. HDR indoor Lightroom presets should be used if your photo looks dull or oversaturated with shadows. Also, such presets are great for getting photos with sufficient contrast or paying attention to small details with the help of contrast and light correction. Create a beautiful voluminous photo with one of the HDR interior Lightroom presets in the web and satisfy your customers.

5 Reasons You Should Apply Real Estate Lightroom Presets

It couldnít be easier!

Do you edit one photo for several hours and dream of learning how to edit real estate photos in Lightroom faster? Just use Lightroom presets for architectural photography. Nothing is easier and simpler than this tool. Just one click and your photo turn into an incredibly juicy and vivid photo from the usual and boring picture. You do not need to learn additional real estate photography editing techniques or spend many hours for editing, with presets your work will become much easier.


Are you a pro photographer and your portfolio has a certain style that you couldnít violate by using standardized Lightroom settings for real estate photography? It’s not a problem. You can use any of the Lightroom presets for interior photography and customize them to your own style.

Incredible diversity

Just imagine that you can change several editing styles on the same photo and try many effects to choose the best. The Lightroom presets for interior photography will simply give you the opportunity to try completely different styles of photo editing and you will not spend a single minute developing them by yourself. Just choose one of the best Lightroom presets on the web, and enjoy the effect.

Any version of Adobe Lightroom

Are you afraid that your Lightroom software can be obsolete to use a certain preset? Donít worry! Presets are intended for use in any version of the Adobe Lightroom and are very clear to apply to photos.

Learn something new from others

Usually, the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography are created by experienced photo editors and it’s a great opportunity to obtain a master class on editing. Using other people’s presets you can determine what techniques they manage to edit the photo and what features of the program they use.

NOTE. Never be afraid to experiment and use presets if you are editing photos of real estate. If you are a passionate photographer who enjoys only the process of shooting and doesnít like the editing of photos, try using the online photo editing services like FixThePhoto.

Take amazing photos, increase the amount of them in your portfolio, and attract new clients with your wonderful photo editing.