Raptor Tank- The ultimate source of powerful vape blast

Raptor Tank

To enjoy life is the dream of everyone. All of us want to live life according to our own desire. Fun and entertainment are the things that take us away from the harshness of life. We all seek pleasure and work for getting peace of mind but sometimes we failed in every trial. To lose hope is the biggest drawback so we have learned from the start to never give up at any stage and introduced many different technologies and processes to achieve the goals in our own way.

The era of e-cigarettes OR vaping

Moreover, the modern age and youth have changed their priorities and ways of living. So they have adopted new methods to get themselves relaxed and to be happy. One of the ways is the use of vaping equipment. As vaping is introduced recently to the world but in no time it has become the most popular and demanding one.

In the past, people used smoking materials containing tobacco and all other hazardous materials that lead to chronic diseases like mouth and lunger cancer.  As smoking can lead to death if acceded from certain limits. Now to solve this issue the vape industries have revolutionized to come across the demand of the young generation. Health is a basic need to live a happy and joyful life. So to maintain the health cigarette are replaced by vaping products.

The smoke-free environment is the basic fact required for a healthy life. So,vapeciga has provided you with the chance to enjoy the taste without creating smoke. The new arrival in the vape market that has grabbed the attention of vape lovers is RaptorTank. There are thousands of tanks that have introduced in the beginning for satisfying your thirst but this time a multifunctional tank having all the qualities within one package that you need during vaping is manufactured.

Raptor tank:

This is the most advanced invention in the field of vapes. It has unique properties and advanced techniques to produce vapors. It is a fascinating and decent vapor machine that gives you the dense flavor of e-juice and vapors that you need to make your surrounding smoky. It has replaced the harmful effects of a large amount of nicotine, tobacco and other addiction materials in cigarettes, so it is relatively more beneficial and less harmful for your health.

Raptor tank is a compact package that fulfills your need for a whopping vape desire. This small but efficient pack consists of different components that play a vital role in increasing its feasibility and make it a popular product among youth. 

Its main parts are enlisted as:

  • The body is made up of stainless steel. This material provides durability and decency to the product. The overall presentation of this product is according to the need of time. It is a simply elegant and graceful product that is well designed by our experts that will surely meet your vaping desire.
  • The plus point in this raptor is the use of seagrass fabric instead of cotton. The seagrass fabric is obtained by the phytoplanktons and is more useful than cotton for operating the raptor.
  • Glass tank where the e-juice is added. This tank has the capacity to add up to 6ml liquid. Hence provide large space so that you can use it for a long time without any refilling tension. 6ml is more than enough for single time consumption.
  • The bottom consists of an O shaped ring having all adjustment buttons. These buttons control the flow of air and help to switch the vapor between the thinner and denser ones.
  • The multi-operating airflow system increases its exclusivity. The different holes in the bottom control the intake airflow so balance the vape production.
  • You are also facilitated by the 3 different mesh coils so that you can enjoy a purer and even better version of vaping.
  • The top quality resin on the head of the raptor also enhances its perfection as well as make it easier to use. The filing design is kept so simple and perfect as it can easily be managed and the whole structure is leakproof. Hence you can use it without any problem and with great comfort.

Advanced features of  Raptor Tank:

This tank looks small but contains a great number of beneficial aspects that will definitely make you feel relaxed. Our brand Ehpro has manufactured it to compete with all other vaping tanks and no doubt it has gained popularity in no time because of its eccentricity and distinctiveness.

It is made of stainless steel and a high-quality resin that makes it firm with modern looks. By slightly sliding this cap a hole appears that is specially made for filling e-juice in the glass tank. So its very simple to fill the tank without the difficulty of opening the whole product.

The glass tank can fill up with 4ml with a replacement glass tube. When this extra glass bulb is added into account than 6ml e-juice can be filled up in the tank. This increases its storage capacity.

The 3 different types of the coil can be adjusted in this Raptor to get away different and unique tastes and vapors.

  • Single mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15 ohm and wattage of  40-70 w. When inserted in the Raptor tank it produces different and more delightful vapors.
  • Dual mesh coil with the resistance of 0.2 ohms and wattage of 60-80 w. This also has its own impact when inserted in the tank, depending upon your need and taste.
  • Quad mesh coil can also be used instead of the above two.

All of these coils produce vapors and provide flavor in different ways according to your wants. The product is about  0.42kg as is very light to carry because of the small weight. The package contains 3 pcs of the coil so you can feel the taste of different types.

This raptor tank is very unique and multitasking. So, order now to get this reasonable package to pacify your vaping thirst.