How To Protect Yourself From Bad Employees With Background Checks

Background Checks

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, which is very true. You might have a new employee that you want to put in the empty position. So, assuming you want to hire the best employee around, but you are afraid he might be a dangerous person. You know, if you start looking for a different person, it would cost you time, effort, and money.

Since you cannot do this by a single look, you need to take time to dig deep and see what you are about to work with. So, how do you go about?

The Solution: The Background online Check

With the background online check, you will be confident of being safe enough without exposing your property or other workers to danger! It is very beneficial to use a background check service.

Usually, the background will also be called considered a consumer report. Before you proceed to check the background history of the candidate, you will need to get the necessary permission. For that, you will be needed to notify the candidate in writing. But that’s not all; you will also have to wait for the candidate’s thought.

If the candidate doesn’t give a go ahead, you cannot proceed to look at their background. But if you ignore that and proceed to check the candidates, you can end up being sued by the person.

Nonetheless, you can conduct a simple inquiry without waiting for a customer report.

Also, if you change your mind due to the consumer report or if you decide to rescind a job offer, you will have to give a pre-adverse action disclosure to void any inconvenience.

All in all, you must know how to pick the right background check service.

  • Follow the necessary loan

When the background check is conducted, you’ll be expected to have a legal release form that is filled by the potential employee. Here, you will need to inform the person of his/her specific rights, as well as offer the applicant a copy of the report.

  • Always communicate with the candidate

Another thing you are expected to do when handling the background check is to ensure that you communicate with the candidate every time. Suppose there is anything on the background check, which can affect the applicant’s possibility to work for you, you’ll be expected to communicate with them soon enough and let them know you found something.

Doing this can help to solve any mistake, misunderstanding, and even reporting an error (if any). Ideally, organize a face-to-face meeting to make the communication easy.

  • Dig deeply

When looking at the background check, always ensure that you take your time and find all the necessary information. Look at all the necessary information before you decide to hire or not hire the candidate.

This means that you will have to look at the employment, education, driving history, criminal history, social media, or any other relevant info.

Doing this will help you make the right decision. You could end up losing a vital and well-qualified candidate just because you rushed through the specific place to review. On the other hand, you can also end up hiring a bad employee just because you did not expand your search/review.

  • Get the right facts

Too many employers make a huge mistake of assuming that some sections of the background check process are special. However, it should be known that some critical information will come in the most common step of the background check.

Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that hiring a new candidate is very sensitive. For that, ensure that you get the right facts before you decide to hire the candidate.

Common Information That Should Be Included in a Background Check

1. Social Security Validation

As an employer, you need to check that the social security number of the candidate is legitimate and that it has all the legal names, including the variations and aliases, the address associated with social security number, and DOB.

With these details, you will know if the candidate in place has lived in specific locations and if he has other unique aliases.

2. Criminal records check

This is supposedly the major point of focus because you want to work with a professional that will not put your business/company in danger. You can get these checks from CRB direct. It will give the criminal history for the applicant, mostly if the vacant position has got to do with security and trust. Don’t forget to check out the national and county records.

Remember you don’t want to deal with a bad employee. Therefore, ensure that you pay close attention to the criminal records check. By the way, checking the aliases can help you know and determine if the candidate was involved in a specific crime with a different name. 

3. U.S terror watch list check

This one will look if the candidate is on the U.S. terror watch list, mostly if the job is closely related to security. For such a position, you need a trustworthy candidate that is clean enough.

4. Sex offender registry check

This is another area that you need to pay close attention when you are checking for any traces of bad deeds on the candidate’s report. Make sure that you check if the candidate has any cases of a sex offense. Regardless of the type of job, you need to work with a person that will not manipulate and sexually abuse the ladies [and even some men] at the place of work.

5. Address history check

This check will trace all the past addresses of the candidate. The aim here is to find out where the candidate has ever lived and any other related information.

Differentiating Reference Checks and Investigative Consumer Reports

If a candidate contacts their former employer asking to verify specific details like the dates of employment or the position they served, that is called a Reference Check. Conversely, an investigative consumer report contains sensitive and investigative details about the candidate. Any decision made concerning the investigative consumer reports will require you to give the client a copy, but a reference check doesn’t require any disclosure.

Don’t forget that you need to find the best background check service to give you the correct details about the candidate with good services too. 

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