How to Promote Your App Effectively?

After launching an app, you need to promote your app. As Derek Halpern says you have to focus 80% of your energy on product promotion, rather than creation. So the basic question arises, how do you promote your app? Right? I guess you are not a billionaire yet, so we are sharing a couple of promotion methods that you can use to promote your app without actually burning a hole in your pocket.

Of course, most of the strategies and listing out here are free. So you don’t have to worry about spending a singlepenny,unless it’s absolutely what you want to go with.



Everyone outthereloves free stuff. So that’s the reason why contests work. What you have to do is to create a contest and ask people to either share yourappor invite their friends for a certain kind of prize they might win.

The main reason why this strategy works like a charm isthe return on investment is huge. Basically, because you will be giving away the prize only to a single winner for maybe two, but the number of entries you get, was a much higher than the cost of the prize you will be giving away. Therefore, running a contest is one of the best and easiest ways to get an effective at promotion.

Reach Out To Bloggers:-

If you asked about any guy out there, the name of two things that are working right now, they areFacebook and blogging. So technically yes, reaching out to bloggers in the same niche works like a charm.

Well,you have to be pretty selective when choosing bloggers, because if done right, this can generate a lot of buzz for you. Keep the following points in mind while choosing the blogger you want to connect to for your app promotion, and everything should be fine.

  • The blog should have good enough traffic.
  • The blog should be related to your app. If it’s a gaming app, promote it on a gaming blog. If it’s more of a social app, promote it on blogs that talk about lifestyle and living, etc.
  • The blog should have engagement. Well yeah, just having traffic doesn’t work, people must interact with the posts and actually “give a shit”to whatever is being shared.

ASO Service Providers:-

ASO Service Providers

I am sure you know what ASO means, but let me just humor you. ASO companies abbreviated for App Store Optimization, so those are the companies that can optimize your app on the app store so that it gets maximum exposure and hits.

Now, I’m not the kind of guy, just takes out any random company and starts writing about it, there is a pretty solid reason why I am writing about ASO in this article.

Oh yes, there are many ASO service providers you can work with, among which the most reliable and reputed one is ASOTop1. This company can help you boost your app ranking and installs via app store optimization. They have a pretty solid infrastructure and codes, which help you optimize your apps out there in the app market and all you have to do is to choose them.

Collect E-mails:-

Collect E-mails

There are literally, a thousand ways you can collect emails for your app promotion. On of the most successful methods is launching a “pre-launch” page for your app, what this page does is to collect emails of people who are interested in the apps.

So later when you actually release the app out there, you have a list of people who are interested in the app already, all you have to do is to send an email out to them, telling them about the launch of the app. I’m pretty sure they’re going to get a lot of instant hits.

Social Network Promotions:-

Social Network Promotions

There are two ways you can go about this, first if you have a Facebook or Twitter page with numerous likes and followers, you can share your app and promote it out there on the social networks.

Now Facebook and Twitter technically are the largest social networks in the industry right now but I take it you might not always have a huge social following, so what you can do about that is hire or rent a page for a certain number of shares of your App for a certain amount of money. (Well yeah talk about the things money cant buy! )

So again the point is that you have to get up out there on the social networks. How to do is totally your choice, but the only point is you have to do it.

Final Words:-

So those strategies I’ve got up in my arsenal are effectively when it comes to promoting an app. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a pretty neat idea about how to do it by now, right? Again the point is, you have a lot of strategies listed out for you out there, what matters is how you want to go about it.

You can either choose all the free methods out there, for mediocre results, or actually choose someone professional or a strategy that might not be totally free, but has good ROI on it. The choice is totally yours.