Professional product design services – how should they look like?

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A product always starts with an idea. It might be a brilliant idea that corresponds to people’s needs and could solve a real existing problem in their lives. But from an idea to the finished product, there is a long way to go. The first step to carry out the idea is to make a design. 

The design engineers have to have a lot of experience, intuition, and skill to come up with something useful and eye-catching while not being ostentatious and overloaded with unnecessary features. How should professional product design services look like?

EMS providers and product design service

EMS providers (electronic manufacturing services providers) provide a wide range of services regarding the making of a product. Such companies do not only manufacture products from the design projects their customers send them. They also offer comprehensive help at every stage of product design and, what is more, often provide shipment and logistics services.

Researching the market

A professional product design company should research the market well before proceeding to the design stage. It is crucial to know the competition to avoid using the same solutions. What is more, when identifying the state of the market, the engineer has the advantage of being aware of those solutions, and based on this knowledge, he/she can try to incorporate them better. It is also important to analyze the potential users’ needs to come up with the right answer. Fulfilling the users’ needs should be a priority while designing a product.

Design for manufacturability (DRM)

When looking for the right company to design your product, seek those that offer a service called design for manufacturability (or sometimes: a design for manufacture). DRM approach to designing guarantees the best possible outcome moneywise. Engineers at the early stage of designing take into consideration various aspects of manufacturing technologies to make sure that the time and the money of their customers are well-respected. While designing, they contemplate the choice of the right material for the job, on making sure that every element of the design is suited for the manufacturing technology, and so on. It helps to eliminate any errors or failures that might occur during the manufacturing process.

Prototyping and testing

Before passing the design through manufacturing, a design product company should always present its client with a prototype of a designed product. It is also crucial to run tests to determine whether the product is usable, intuitively designed, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing. Only after customer approval, it is time to start the manufacturing process.

Article was created in cooperation with software development company – Polidea.com