How to Prevent Laptop Burns

Laptop Burns

In today’s bustling society, computers are a must almost everywhere you go. School children as young as three years of age are now required to complete part of their schooling on a computer. With the invention of the laptop, we are now able to take our school, work, and play almost anywhere we want.

However, when you take all the parts necessary to build a computer and place them in a much smaller compartment and then limit the space for airflow. The heat is definitely going to rise a little quicker than with a traditional desktop.

Then, couple that with a case that is known to conduct heat and you have sunless sunburn waiting to happen. Laptop burns are a serious problem and can cause damage that incites skin cancer. Below are some ways you can turn the heat down a little.

Keep it Clean

Are you a smoker? Do you like to dust? Is your family made up of humans and pets alike? Then, you might have an issue. Particles from smoke, dust, and pet dander can build up on the fan blades of the fans meant to keep your laptop’s temperature at a bearable level.

For that matter, everyday pollen and dirt can contribute to the dilemma, as well. At least once a month, make an effort to clean the inside of your laptop.

You can do this simply by removing the case and blowing all the offending particles off with a can of air. If you are more knowledgeable, you can remove the fans, themselves and clean them with a dry cloth or a small brush.

Avoid the Sun

This should be a no-brainer. The sun is hot! Having your laptop out in the sun will only contribute to the rising temperature inside the computer and will speed up the process. Never leave your laptop in the path of direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time.

This includes forgetting your laptop in the back seat of your vehicle, leaving it under the umbrella at the pool or beach, and doing last-minute reports while sitting in the stands watching your child sweat through summer football conditioning.

Even if it doesn’t overheat, exposure to temperatures greater than 95 degrees Fahrenheit can result in a melted battery and or an expanding hard drive. Neither of which would be good for your laptop or your laptop.

Watch Your Fan Speeds

The next thing on the list is to boost the speed of your fans. This isn’t really necessary if you complete the two prior tasks, but can offer you a larger window of safety.

There are several programs that you can install that will help your fans to dispel heat at a faster rate.

This may make your laptop a little more on the noisy side, but a cool and noisy laptop is much more efficient than a silently but so hot it could be deadly to the touch laptop.

Keep It Off Your Legs

In the end, the best idea is to keep it off your legs. Your skin is not made to endure high temperatures. That is why we suffer from things like sunburn and skin cancer.

The best idea is to keep your laptop on a table or desk of some sort. Even a lap desk is better than allowing your computer to rest on your legs.

Laptop burns are real and can be very dangerous. Take the time to maintain your laptop and follow the common sense advice offered in this article and you will avoid the menacing laptop burn.