Play Android Games and Apps on your Window PC with Droid4x

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Android emulators have become very popular to run Android applications on PC and laptops. One great application of Android emulators is to enjoy playing Android games on your computers screen. This advances the experience of playing an Android game on a bigger screen in an Android environment.

Games are a fun thing to have and Android is a stable platform for the same. Android not only makes gaming seamless but also allow users to access many popular apps be it social media or recreation. You can find many useful apps that you would want to use on your PC or laptop. We have brought such an Android emulator which an ideal choice is if you want a reliable solution for running Android apps on your PC. Read more about this android emulator below.

Droid4X is an android app emulator which is free for use and proves itself as one of the best emulator available around. This emulator is embedded with powerful features which ensures greater experience while using android apps on your PC.


Listed below are the features for Droid4X.

Simple UI and Easy Operations:Droid4X is an amazing android app emulator which provides a robust system to run all android apps smoothly and without hindrance on Windows PC. This setup makes sure that users seamlessly enjoy their favourite Android games and apps on their PCís big screen and that too in an Android environment. The app is very simple to use and has a decent userinterface. It doesnít take too long to set it up on your computer and get going with the play store content. You can read steps in the instruction guide to install Droid4X on your Windows PC.

True Android Experience:Droid4X offers a true and rich experience of Android on your PC. It is the good work of this app is that users are now able to download any available game on the Android platform to their windows on their Windows PC. You can enjoy your favourite games without compromising your convenience and entertainment. You can also keep switching between Windows and Android as and whenever you need to do so. Just click on the minimize button of the Droid4X Window to peep out on whatís happening on your Windows PC.

Touchscreen adaptability:This feature is a blessing to those having a Windows PC or laptop with a touchscreen. You donít need to use your keyboard all the time if you too lazy to type or command using the keyboard. You can just use your fingers to control Droid4X. You can use controls the way you do with your android smartphone.

Configurable with Gamepad: This emulator is specially made to suit your gaming requirements which is why it offers gamepad configurations. You can setup your gamepad, mouse and keyboard according to your preferences to enjoy controls with enhanced comfort and pleasure. It takes no time to setup your gamepad or keyboard as the emulator offers quick configuration tools.

Non-stop Gaming: Droid4X gives you access to all the games listed in the Play Store. Just sign-in with your Google Account and start downloading any of your favourite games. Some popular games like Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, Angry Bird etc. run smoothly on this emulator. Big screen contributes to the fun you get while enjoying these games.


This is an upside of Droid4X as you can record anything anytime you want using in the in-app screen recorder. This also frees users of the worry that they would be requiring an extra tool to do the job of the recording screen. This in-app screen recorder is quite helpful when you have moments to record while playing a game or watching a video.

Direct Downloads:This may be the last big feature of Droid4X, but this is the one not to be underestimated. You can make direct downloads from the play store to the emulator. Once you download a file from the play store, it is installed directly on the emulator. This saves users a lot of time. They donít need to download apps from any third-party site and then put it with the emulator. Good. Isnít it?

How you can install and use Droid4X on your PC or laptop?

Droid4X is a popular android emulator which is used to download Android apps and games on PC. You too can download and play your favourite Android games and apps with Droid4X on your PC. Follow our instructions guide to make sure you do it the right way.

  • The first and initial step is to visit the Droid4x official website. You can here find the download link and download the file to your PC or Laptop on a location of your choice.
  • The download link with gets you the application which you will have to run on your computer so that Droid4X downloads by itself. This is an online installer file.
  • After successful completion of downloading, you can launch the emulator app by double-clicking the icon. When started first, Droid4X will guide you with a quick user guide to make set-up with personalised controls and other things. This step is a big help for those who are going touse this emulator for the first time.
  • The default screen setup for Droid4X would be in 1280×720 format but you can always change it according to your preference in basic settings under the setting menu within the emulator. Available resolution formats are in portrait or other landscapes sizes.
  • You can start downloading apps once you are login to the Google Play Store with your Google account. If you want to see pre-installed applications in Droid4X, you can check the same at the system folder on the main page of Droid4X.
  • Now everything is setup, you can start downloading your favourite apps and games from the play store. Just hit search bar of the play store in Droid4X with your requested application and it is there.
  • Last, but not the least. You can enjoy using this android emulator in full-screen mode as well. This takes the pleasure of enjoying android apps on PC to a different level.

Though Droid4X has many upper edges, it is a fact whether something is good, it has pros and cons. Same applies to Droid4X but it does not matter much. You can tell by yourself Droid4X has no cons except for the fact that its availability is restricted to Windows users only. Otherwise, itís a good choice against other available options, easy to use, adaptable to the touchscreen of the laptop, multiple screen sizes availability, unlimited downloads, gamepad configuration, GPS simulation, and excellent graphics. All of it for not a single penny. These factors altogether give this android emulator app thumbs up.

Takeaway: Droid4X has proved its reliability and offers everything that you would have wanted from a full-fledged Android smartphone. You can enjoy unlimited games and apps download on your PC using this android emulator. Though it is a great emulator, you must not forget that a better configuration on your computer will add to the experience you will reap out of this app. Direct downloads are a relief as they help saves a lot of time. This app is a great choice for those who donít have an Android smartphone or have their Android smartphone running low on disk space and performance.

Image Credits: Play Android from SFIO CRACHO /Shutterstock