Planning a Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Getting married is the biggest decision that your friend will ever make. Heís got a lot on his plate ó which is why his decision to honor you with some big responsibilities is more than just a pat on the back. Youíve got a job to do! And if youíre in charge of the bachelor party, you had better make sure that you get it done right. After all, this is your friendís only bachelor party (well, hopefully, anyway)!

But donít worry ó this doesnít have to be a total headache. Planning out the perfect bachelor party is a manageable task if you take things step by step and follow the tips below.

Find out what the bachelor wants

You may be planning this bachelor party, but itís not your bachelor party. So make sure that you get some feedback from the guy who is the star of the occasion. Get on the phone or sit down with the bachelor to hear what he has to say. Then, do your best to give him the party that he wants.

Perhaps the most important question youíll have to get your bachelor buddy to answer is where he wants this party to go down. Armed with that information, your planning can begin.

Nail down the date and location

With your bachelorís top location choice and some information about when heís available, itís time for you to rally the troops. Working with your buddy, come up with a list of people who should be invited, then work with them to come together on a date that works for as many people as possible. You could use an online poll or other fair system to make the call, or you could work behind the scenes with the bachelor to ensure that certain VIPs are available. Either way, protect everyoneís privacy and be tactful but firm. Nobody wants to feel left out or unimportant, but you need to get a date nailed down.

Set your budget

Everyone but the bachelor should be chipping in for the bachelor party, but guests are not going to be happy if theyíre surprised with a big bill after everything is said and done. So, as annoying as this may be, you need to set your budget ahead of time and structure your plans around it. Get a sense of what youíll have to pay for essentials, such as hotel rooms or an AirBNB if this is an overnight trip. Then add things like food and must-have activities. From there, you can offer the guests choices about additional activities (you could have them vote or make select activities into optional, pay-as-you-go events).

Be careful, because your budget will be hard to adjust later without making a fuss. Be conservative (itís better to dole out refunds than to go around begging for extra cash) and be comprehensive. Use a spreadsheet to make sure that you get everything.

Make some supply runs

A bachelor party does not live on hotel rooms and activities alone. You guys have to eat, drink (perhaps even to excess), and be merry. So stock up! Donít waste to last minute and try to get everything at a convenience store – head over to your local alcoholic beverage distributor or liquor store. Be sure to include all of this in the budget, especially if the bachelor party is in a remote location and people may be unwilling or unable to bring their own supplies.

And donít neglect the fun party gear and party favors. Youíre planning a bachelor’s party, not a 5-year-oldís birthday party, but youíre still going to have more fun if you toss a few glowsticks or party hats in your suitcase. Grab noisemakers, inflatable toys, streamers, and embarrassing things to make the bachelor wear ó whatever inspires you!

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