Pinterest : Revolutionizing The Way Libraries Are Used

The only way you’ve not heard about Pinterest yet is if you have been totally living under a rock. Allow me to enlighten you. Pinterest is a social photo sharing website, styled like a pin-board, that lets you create and manage theme based photo collection. Not only has it become a rage with home users, it is also being used by businesses and non profits (particularly in Japan, just like Gambola) to gather visibility and let people know about them.

Interestingly, libraries too are jumping on to the Pinterest band wagon as well, to encourage visitors to use their services as well to facilitate the library experience of existing users. Here are 20 creative ways libraries around the world are using this new social platform to communicate with the common reader:

1. Pinning book covers

It becomes easier for readers to select which books they want to read if they get to choose from a visual list. That’s why librarians are pinning book covers , especially of new books, on to their Pinterest boards.

2. Reading lists

Libraries are encouraging your readers to try new books and take up reading challenges by posting reading lists on Pinterest. These lists can be general or they can be topic-specific, such as sports, feminism, or science fiction.

 3. Attracting children and teenagers

Kids do not usually throng to libraries to check out the latest books, unless they’ve already developed a reading habit. Librarians are encouraging more and more teens and children to read by pinning young adult and children books in an attractive way on Pinterest

4. Displaying archives

Library archives are a treasure trove of information, but there are so many people who have no idea about it. Pinterest lets libraries showcase their archives and encourage people to use or browse them.

 5. Letting people know about new acquisitions

There is no better way to get people to visit your library than to let them know that you have some brand new books waiting for them. So whenever your library acquires some new best sellers that members have been waiting for, just update them by pinning the book covers on your Pinterest board.

6. Helping out in research

Pinterest is not just about fun, crafts, and games, it can also be used for more serious stuff, such as researching. Libraries are posting research materials on their Pinterest boards to assist people who need specific information.

 7. Showing off your library

Librarians spend a lot of money and effort for decorating their libraries to make them attractive for visitors. Why not show off your beautiful library to as many people as you can? Use your Pinterest board to show off to the world how nicely decorated, quirky, fun or sombre your library is. It is a great way to attract new members.

These days, everybody prefers to get their message across through infographics rather than traditional documents, and there are lots of learning related infographics out there as well. Libraries are using Pinterest to compile relevant infographics for the benefit of readers.

 9. Promoting library activities

Libraries are not just places where you can go and grab a few books, most have them have a  variety of events related to learning and reading lined up on any given day. Make sure your library’s members are updated about upcoming events, by pinning flyers on information on your Pinterest pin board.

10. Sharing digital collection

Most libraries today have a huge collection of digital material in addition to their paper books. Pinterest has become an ideal way for libraries to showcase their digital collections, and offer access to them, to their members and other readers. Libraries can also use this board to share links of sites where books can be downloaded for free.

11. Managing reading programs

Summertime reading programs are a hit in most libraries. Pinterest lets librarians share ideas with each other and with parents, to create awesome reading programs that children will love.

12. Sharing ideas with parents

Parents know better than anybody else where sort of library activities would get their children interested in reading. So librarians use Pinterest to interact with parents of their young members, to gather ideas and learning materials.

13. Bringing focus on library staff

Librarians and their assistants work very hard every day to make their libraries function, and to give their members an excellent library experience. Pinterest is a great way for libraries to highlight their staff and show appreciation for their devotion. It also familiarises future members with the people that will be helping them out in the library.

14. Getting new ideas for library displays

Librarians have to constantly think up new and interesting ideas for keeping their library displays attractive and interactive, especially for children. Pinterest offers libraries a host of ideas about how to do themselves up to look unique and amazing.

 15. Collecting ideas for programs

Interesting library programs are what make a library successful and popular. Librarians are using Pinterest these days to find new ideas to make their library programs memorable. Whether it be common stuff like reading, painting, and sewing, or out of the box ideas like rappelling on bookshelves, Pinterest is full of ideas from all sorts of people.

16. Drawing attention to the local community

A library is not a stand alone institution, it is constantly in interaction with its local community. This is why libraries are also showcasing their local attractions on Pinterest. It builds a community feeling among the members, and encourages outsiders to visit.

 17. Sharing craft projects

In addition to pinning up craft projects on their soft boards, libraries are now also pinning them up on Pinterest. This lets a much larger number of people see how fun your library is, gives encouragement to the young artists, and increases the number of your library’s followers and members

 18. Connecting to other libraries

Libraries are using Pinterest not only to connect to patrons, but also to other libraries, building up a small but effective community of libraries online. These libraries share updates, ideas, and suggestions on Pinterest, helping each other grow and improve.

19. Encouraging book clubs

Librarians look for any opportunity to instil the habit of reading among people, so it is no wonder that they are using Pinterest to help their patrons start book clubs or reading groups, by providing book suggestions and giving publicity to the events.

 20. Interacting with patrons

A library cannot be successful unless it has a mutually interactive relationship with its patrons. Pinterest helps libraries achieve that, by giving publicity to books, reading challenges, contest, and fun events where they can participate online.

Is your local library on Pinterest yet? If not, show them this article and encourage them to make use of Pinterest to increase their popularity!

Source: OnlineColleges.Net