How To Pick Out The Best Furnished Apartment For Your Business Needs

Furnished Apartment

Travelling for business can sometimes be a daunting experience, and thatís because of the vast amount of choices you have when it comes to choosing where youíre going to stay. Hotels are great and all, but they lack many things that you might be after when choosing to stay anywhere but home.

Thatís where furnished apartments come in because they can offer you an immediate sense of homeliness which as you know, a hotel or motel room cannot. Interested to find out more? Check out this guide on how to pick out the best furnished apartment for your business needs.

Furnished Apartment


Think about security

One problem thatís very prominent when it comes to staying away on business is security. Youíre in a strange town, in a strange building, and you donít know anybody within miles. Ensuring that your accommodation is going to provide you with that level of security will help make your trip a much nicer one. When choosing an apartment to rent out, think about how easily it can be accessed by intruders, look at the safety precautions inside the door, and also look at the windows to see if they can be easily broken into.

Women especially may feel inclined to take extra security measures, but with a furnished apartment you wonít need to worry at all. Not only will the security be much stronger because you have your own apartment rather than a flimsy hotel room, but you can also take advantage of a doorman that will know who is and who isnít supposed to be entering the building. One thing is for sure, youíre going to be much safer in an apartment than you are in a hotel room.

Choose one that will offer inspiration

If youíre travelling for business then itís very likely that youíre going to be spending a considerable amount of time in your apartment working, and if youíve chosen a space thatís dull, bleak, and small, then youíre going to struggle to do your best work.

You should keep that in mind when picking out a furnished apartment for your business trip. Why not choose one with a view or a balcony so that youíre able to sit out and gain as much inspiration as possible for your work?

Not only will you be able to enjoy a nicer looking apartment for your working needs, but if youíre staying for a considerable amount of time youíll be much happier overall!

Find one thatís a one-stop shop

Being in a strange city or town is not only daunting for safety reasons, as it can be daunting in a sense of accessing everything you need during your stay. Things such as somewhere to do your laundry, a gym, and even a shop to buy all of your necessities are essential to look for when choosing an apartment. Luckily, furnished apartments from Blueground can offer these services all in a one-stop shop, or at least recommend one thatís close and convenient to you.

If youíre going to be commuting regularly, it might be a good idea to search for an apartment that can offer complimentary drivers to its guests so that you donít have to worry about trying to hitch a ride on the busy streets!

Will it impress potential clients?

Travelling on business means that youíre going to be meeting and trying to impress plenty of existing or potential clients. While there may be many places in the vicinity that you could visit and get to know each other, what says you care about your clients more than inviting them back to your apartment for some food and drinks to talk over business? Think about this when choosing an apartment and ask yourself whether it would impress you if you were in their position.

How can it make your life easier?

Finally, itís no secret that choosing to stay in an apartment over a hotel is going to cost you more, so you need to ask yourself how using one can make your life easier. Can it:

  • Provide you with complimentary services that a hotel couldnít?
  • Go above and beyond to keep you happy and comfortable? Some serviced apartments may even run to the store for women’s necessities if needed.
  • Possess an in-room phone and internet?
  • Does it have a secure lobby and hallways to ensure that you are completely safe during your stay?
  • Can you expect a cleaning service to prevent you from having to do so?

As you can see, thinking of all of these things when picking out an apartment for your business needs is imperative to making sure that youíre getting the most of your money and most importantly, having the most comfortable business trip as possible!

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