Pick a Lock With Household Items : How to Do it Easily

Pick a lock with household items, when a case where five year old got accidentally locked in the bathroom, or one of the family member walked out of the locked garage with keys still inside. Chances are always there, to get yourself on the wrong side of a locked door, at any given point of time.

Before calling a locksmith for a potentially expensive home visit, know that most locks can easily be picked using readily available household items.

The guide can be used to pick both a privacy doorknob, the lock of the kind generally used on bath or bed room doors, and doorknob that need a key. It can picked using with basic household items.

  • Privacy Doorknob
  • Picking using Credit Card
  • Picking using Hairpins & Paperclips

Pick a Lock With Household Items : Privacy Doorknob

Identifying the lock to deal with. Privacy door knobs, also called “bed and bath” door knobs, have a push button or twisting lock mechanism inside the door knob. The outside it, will have a small round hole in the center which allows for emergency access.

Finding a suitable item for picking the lock. You require a long, thin object that should be small enough to fit into the hole. It should be sturdy to put enough pressure on the locking mechanism. Ideal choices are screwdriver or hex wrench. Hair pin, or a heavy-duty paperclip can also be used to pick the lock. Even a bamboo skewer from the kitchen can be used. A cotton swab with the fluff removed from one end can also be useful for the purpose.

Use item to pick the lock. When lock has a push button mechanism, insert the tool just straight into the hole till you feel resistance, and push. You must immediately hear a click showing the lock has been released. Lock with a twisting mechanism will require to insert the tool. Sweep it around in a twisting motion until it latches. Apply a little bit of pressure. As you hear a click, the door is unlocked.

Remove the doorknob. When unable to get the knob unlock, then look into door knobs that are held together with two visible screws. Find a screw driver to fit, and simply undo screws. Within a few minutes as both doorknobs will come off. Simply pull remaining locking mechanism out of the hole and open the door. Try to alternate back and forth movement between the two screws. Try to apply tension to the Doorknob to loosen the screws by pulling on it.

Pick a Lock With Household Items : Using Credit Card

Ensure to have permission to pick the lock. Lock in question is not attached to own home, get property-owner’s permission. As breaking and entering is a serious crime, it may result in mandatory jail time.

Find a suitable card. The ideal card will be a plastic card which must be stiff and flexible. Avoid using actual credit or debit card or it may get damaged while picking the lock. A grocery store loyalty card can be an ideal choice or a laminated library card does have the same quality. Even a stiff laminated business card can also work on few locks.

Use card to pick a lock. Take a card, slide it gently into the gap between the door and the doorjamb. Start just above the door handle. Slide the card downwards and get in. Try to wiggle it a bit. In case you are lucky, the card will press the latch assembly and permit to open the door. The technique only works on general type of key-locks. It may not work to open a deadbolt.

Pick a Lock With Household Items : Hair Pins & Paperclips

Ensure to have permission to pick a lock. The lock in question when not attached to own home must be taken care of. Suitable permission must be taken from the property owner before trying to open it. Breaking and entering a house is taken as a crime!

Fashion a lock-pick with household items. Bobby pins or hair pins work the best or you may try to use heavy-duty paperclips, or stiff bits of wire. Initially create pick by opening out one of the bobby pins or paperclips to get it straight. Bend the last 1/8″ of the pick up at a 20 degree angle. While using a hair pin with plastic-dipped ends, there is a requirement to scrape the plastic from the end of the pick while using a pair of pliers or teeth, in a pinch.

Try to make a tension wrench. Take second bobby pin. You may open up a paper clip and fold it in half. Bend it into an L-shape. The tension wrench requires to be sturdy. Ensure to use a heavy-duty paper or hair pin. Try to use a small flat-head screwdriver that fits into the bottom of the keyhole like a tension wrench.

Pick the lock using tools. Insert the tension wrench initially into the bottom part of the lock. Rotate it in the direction to turn the key to unlock it. Place some tension on the lock. Maintain the tension throughout the procedure. Slowly, try to wiggle the pick into the top part of the lock. Use a gentle up-and-down motion. As a series of clicks is heard as the various pins in the lock are raised, you have successfully raised all of the pins, the tension wrench will suddenly rotate freely to unlock the door.

Picking a lock in the fashion looks fully suspicious. It is likely to result in neighbors calling the police. In case of a kid, call the parents and let them know what’s going on before starting. Be prepared to show the police proof that there was no breaking into the home, garage, etc. is taking place.