Photo Editing Job: Description & Feature Photography

Photo editors choose artistically appealing photographs to follow magazine articles. Their duties include brainstorming imaginative concepts with editors, coordinating reproduction assignments, and securing copyright permissions. They may also serve for newspapers or other publications that highlight photography.

We are attempting a creative photo editor to guarantee that our articles emphasize esthetically pleasing photographs. As a photo editor, you will review concepts with our editors, organize photoshoots, and ensure that selected pictures are artfully positioned about the text.

To be thriving as a photo editor, you should demonstrate knowledge in photo editing and align your original ideas with those of the editorial team. Top groove photo editors are team players who enrich the browser experience with stunning photographic arrangements.

Job Description

Photo editors regularly work for a website, newspaper, journal or book publicist. They’re typically accountable for selecting, editing, positioning and publishing photos to guide the text of a publication. Photo editors also might manage staff photographers, provide photo assignments and ensure that others accomplish their work on time.

Job Duties

The duties of a photo editor differ depending on the type of industry. For example, photo editors might meet with managers to discuss what kinds of pictures are needed for a specific project and then communicate photo responsibilities to their staff. After the photographs are exercised, the photo editor typically looks the photos over and alters the images accordingly if changes are needed.

Salary Information 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), today’s photographers typically use digital cameras and edit their work on computers. In 2020, the BLS reported an annual average salary of $50,290 for photographers. However, the BLS also projected a 4% decline in employment for photographers from 2019-2029, with photographers in the newspaper business projected to drop by 37% during that decade.

Depending on the size and resources of an employer, some photo editors are required not to select photos and take photographs for a publication. Alternatively, they might be responsible for acquiring appropriate images from a stock photo agency. These professionals can also be in charge of duties about general equipment maintenance and staff training.

Photo Editor Accountabilities

Discussing with the editorial unit and brainstorming imaginative concepts.Harmonizing photography jobs and designating plans for in-house camerapersons.Employing specialist photographers and bargaining fees, if relevant.Acquiring rights to photographs, as well as assistance to shoot at established neighbourhoods, when needed.Choosing pictures that complement the text in the way envisioned by the editorial side.Editing and artfully positioning images to complete texts.Submitting photographic designs for approval promptly.Collecting feedback from editorial partners and delivering appropriate changes when needed.Maintaining track of industry courses and improvements in the range of photographic editing.

Photo Editor Elements

Bachelors or associate degree in snap shooting, visual arts, or related.2-3 years of expertise in photo editing or related field.A comprehensive portfolio of work-related instances. High-level proficiency in photograph editing software, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign.Exceptional creative skills as exhibited in appealing photographic content.Understanding to collaborate on plans and blend editorial feedback.Comprehensive experience in regulating photography projects and meeting deadlines.In-depth knowledge of copyright and other appropriate permissions.Proficiency in keeping up with photography trends and related technologies.Excellent communication skills.


Photo editors have a photography staff to take photos. In smaller organizations, photo editors might be responsible for bringing their images or using photo stock agencies to purchase pictures to meet the project’s needs. Additional duties of a photo editor might include training new staff members, ordering supplies for the photo department, and ensuring that the cameras and other equipment are working correctly.

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