Phone Hacks Idea: Genius Tricks You Should Know

With smartphones and comparable devices enhancing an indispensable addition to our everyday lives, it is the only reason we have some cool hacks for them as well. In my search for the most suitable gadget hacks for cooking to schooling to better cope with, we have seen many, but only the best got onto this list. These hacks can not only serve you save time but can also simplify or amplify your user experience.

Hack 1: Charge the Phone faster

The trick is manageable; turn on your Phone’s Airplane Mode while charging. Strong yet, turn the Phone off. It means the Phone will not consume energy in a constant effort to connect to cell phone towers and plot GPS.

Hack 2: Avoid Ads when playing games

Any in-app ad can be bypassed by turning on the Airplane mode or turning off the Internet connection. By switching off your mobile data or Wi-Fi, you can drive explicit annoying ads that hinder & interrupt your game. Some phones have a committed Game Mode that assists avoid ads. If supported, check the Settings menu of a phone.

Hack 3: Ask iPhone to Set Call/Reply Reminders

iOS comes stuffed with highlights like ‘auto-reply’ and “Remind Me Later” to assist you in dealing with calls when you are involved. Remind me feature establishes a GPS-based or timer-based prompt for the user and can trigger the Phone rings.

Hack 4: Upload a picture to get it identified

Identifying particular objects in a photo has become a reality with image recognition software. Google Goggles, the search engine giant’s very individual photo recognition tool,

Hack 5: Project a Map

Whether driving into foggy roads, dark lanes, or unfamiliar areas, maps always come in handy. Want a map to be projected onto the windshield of your car. Play Store has an app that gives just that. What’s even more helpful, the app operates without any additional equipment.

Hack 6: Take a Recycle Bin for Android

Mac has Trash, and Windows has Recycle Bin. Files removed in a hurry or without considering the consequences can be recovered quickly with such a characteristic. But, as usual, Android developers never deceive. There are several easy-to-use apps in Google Play that offer such security to user files.

Hack 7: Turn Phone into a master remote

Everything of utility, from TVs to ACs to cars, came with a small wand with rubber buttons on it… Remote. Phones now arrive with IR blasters that can be joined with IR-controlled devices. You can utilize your smartphone to monitor whether an infrared-based remote is working or not. Infrared rays confer white or purple light in the camera’s viewfinder.

Hack 8: Take Selfies Using Headphones

Volume buttons of phones, iPhone, and many Androids, can click a picture by simply hitting the volume button on their headphones.

Hack 9: Eliminate the last digit in iPhone Calculator

In the series of long numbers, you finish up mistyping a digit. Start over? No obligation. Just swipe right or left. Problem deleted.

Hack 10: Measure using a smartphone

Your smartphone is advanced enough to do that. You require an app to do so. There are plenty of excellent tools in the Play Store and the App Store to be put to use.

Final Thoughts

These were the top mobile phone hacks that can simplify your daily living. So now that you know that your Phone is an excellent device capable of doing fantastic stuff, don’t overlook it; do try these hacks a try.

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