PC Shortcuts that are Heavily Useful

Do you know with shortcut keys on your keyboard, every PC owner can save a lot of time? Like Printing can be done with simply going to your file menu and hitting the Print option from there, but if you use a shortcut like CTRL button and the letter P (CTRL+P) it can get you the same result.

So you can save a lot of clicks and seconds that you spend from your mouse and point, and aim is not always fun.

Today like CTRL+P, I am going to provide you some shortcuts that can save a lot time and energy of your. This list is highly useful for people using computer and internet regularly so bookmark this page for future reference.

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Ctrl+C – Copy selected element

Ctrl+X – Cut selected element

Ctrl+V – Paste selected element

Ctrl+Z – Undo an activity

Ctrl+Y – Redo an activity

CTRL+A – Select All things

Ctrl+P – Print

More than basics

Alt+Tab – Switch between open windows

Windows Key+D – Show desktop by clearing everything

Windows Key+Down Arrow – Minimize the currently active window

Windows Key+Up Arrow – Maximizing the current window.

Windows key+Shift+Right Arrow – Move windows between multiple monitors.

Ctrl+Shift+Esc / Ctrl+Shift+Delete – to open task manager

Windows Key+L – Lock your PC or switch users

Windows Key+P – Option to Choose from different display modes

Windows Key+ Plus Sign or Minus Sign – for zooming in and out

Windows Key+F – Search for files and folders

Windows Key+Shift+Click taskbar icon – Open new instance of program