PARRIOR: The Cleaning Tool That Rules Them All Have Launched On Kickstarter And Indiegogo

Cleaning Tool

Innovative tool startup PARRIOR has been successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is now being crowdfunded on Indiegogo on 16th, Mar, 2023.

The Parrior Alpaka is presented as a practical cleaning tool for the home. From bathroom to living room to kitchen and even your car – PARRIOR Alpaka can do it all!

One Tool, Countless Ways To Clean

The Parrior Alpaka is designed to be the most versatile tool available, enabling users to clean in multiple ways. Featuring 7?different?brush?heads, the Alpaka can be used to clean everything from bathrooms and floors, to glass and kitchens.?In?the?future,?a?family?will?only?need?one?cleaning?tool?on?it.

Power to Get Rid of Dirt

The Parrior Alpaka has a powerful motor, superior to that used by other references in its category. Thanks to it, it can work more efficiently on all types of surfaces. It offers speeds of 250 and 300 RPM, allowing the user to select the desired effort according to the resistance of the stains to be removed. With a torque of 36 kg. cm, nothing can resist it.

Design of the Alpaka Cleaning Brush

Parrior’s brush looks good, and its manageable weight is appreciated. The product sports a light color with striking orange accents. At first glance, the device closely resembles a vacuum cleaner or electric broom in shape and size. And although the design is not much more compact than those devices, the manufacturer’s efforts to optimize handling are noticeable.

Handling the Alpaka Cleaning Brush

This tool is so easy to use that it has only one button. The Alpaka brush signals charging with a set of small LED indicators. After unpacking the Parrior brush, it is necessary to perform a full charge of the battery. Once the operation is completed, with the device assembled, we attach the most suitable head for the task and our needs. Then, we simply activate the brush by pressing the power button.

A Comfortable and Easy Cleaning Job

The excellent ergonomics of this device, and the possibility of modifying its layout, make it easy to access even difficult areas without effort. The key is the adjustable elbow with which the head can be adjusted at an angle of 0, 45, and 90. So we will never have to force our working posture.

In addition, the device is protected against water damage. It is IPX7 certified, which means it can withstand splashes and even brief immersions.

Launch on Indiegogo

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Established in 2021, Parrior is an innovative company focusing on power tools and cleaning tool appliances with the vision to create tools that bring a smile to the face and put power in people’s hands. For more information, please visit:

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