Parental Control Apps Help Parents to Withstand Cyberbullying

Parental Control Apps Help Parents to Withstand Cyberbullying

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Judging from the cosmic love of pre-teens and teens to their handheld devices, smartphones and tablets play an important role in their life. Parents themselves give their minors these gadgets thinking that they will use it for communication and education. However, sometimes it rather looks like giving weapon in hands of a criminal.

Why? Because texting on web-connected handheld device is the most popular way of sending treats and abusive messages from a cyberbully to his victim.

Today a bully is not necessary strong and bullying has moved from changing rooms and toilets to the SMS and social media. Almost all teens have an access to the Internet or at least a cell phone, so bullying doesn’t end up when kid arrives home from school. Victim of bullies receives abusive messages and in the most cases doesn’t tell parents about it.

The reasons for it are simple: they may think that they will cope with this problem on their own, plus they are afraid that parents’ interfering will worsen the situation (and let us admit that to some point kids are right). Parents may overreact or leave the accident without attention and it is impossible to say what is worst.

How to Help Kids?

First and foremost, create an account on the social media where your kid has one and make sure that you are added to the friends list. Do not spam the wall of his account with reminders or comment photos – simply stay silent and be watchful.  And take the benefit of using software as it will tell you much more than your kids. With their help you can:

  • Monitor texting. Get a clear vision what messages your kid sends or receives. Make sure that there are no messages from unknown contacts! Fully-featured app will warn you when your child receives messages with rude language or sexual innuendo.
  • Check social media. You will get notified when your kid receives a message or a friend’s request.
  • Read IM chats. Thus you will be able to protect your kid from cyberbullies, sexual predators and identity thieves who use chats and messengers to find their victims.
  • Read SMS and MMS – to rest assured that no one sends harassing or threatening photos and messages.
  • Look through records of a key logger. It is the most convenient way to find out whether your kid has a hidden social media account (and if your child is a teenager, there is a 99% probability that he has the one).

These monitoring apps smoothen things down for parents as children today prefer to be as tight as a clam about their online issues and sometimes only records on the Control Panel of the app witness that they became victims of cyberbullies.

It is a parents’ duty to prevent their children from becoming victims of online teasers and do their best to help kids to solve the issue if the accident has already taken place. Seize the opportunity that parental control apps give and stay on guard of your kid’s interests!

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