Page Unresponsive : How to Solve it in Windows 10

Page Unresponsive can ruin Google Chrome’s experience, which is among the most popular browsers across the world. Although it keeps updating its features frequently, it still comes with its set of problems that can be annoying at times.

One such issue is the unresponsive page error where your Chrome browser either freezes and does not exist with a close request, or the web pages keep crashing.

This is a standard error. However, the good news is, there are quite a few ways to fix this. Let’s see how.

Method 1: Through Local App Data Folder

  • Step 1: Click the Windows + R key concurrently on your keyboard to begin the Run command. Type %localappdata% in the search box and click Enter to initiate the Local App Data portfolio.
  • Step 2: In the Local App Data portfolio, operate to the below process step by step:
    • Google
    • Chrome
    • User Data
  • Navigate To The Path As Shown
  • Step 3: Now, choose the Default folder, right-click and select Rename.

You are done. Now, you can restart Google Chrome, and it should work fine. If you still see the mistake, try the 2nd approach.

Method 2: Through Google Chrome Properties

  • Step 1: Tap on the Start button on your desktop and type Google Chrome in the search box. Now, right-tap on the result and choose Open file location from the context menu.
  • Step 2: In the file location, right-tap on Google Chrome, and choose Properties from the context menu.
  • Step 3: Now, allow the Shortcut tab, and in the Target field, attach a space after “chrome.exe” and type the below text and click on Apply and then OK to save the changes and exit:
  • Hit on Continue on the prompt that resembles for providing administrator permission and restarts Chrome.

You will not encounter any challenges with the browsers anymore. If the problem continues, try the 3rd method.

Method 3: Implementing Google Chrome Cleanup Tool

  • Step 1: Download the Google Chrome cleanup device from the following link and tap to install and run.
  • Step 2: It will immediately run the tool. Once it completes checking, it will help you to Continue. It will redirect to the Google Chrome Settings page. The prompt that looks tap on Reset Settings to improve the Chrome settings back to its primary settings.

That’s it! And, now your Chrome browser should be excellent.