“Page fault in nonpaged area”: Know some easy solution to tackle the error


Technology has many different phases that will help you explore the maximum of your potentials and give them the right directions to meet the present day requirements. When you consider these technological issues there are various elements that come along. While dealing with the Windows one of the most common errors, you may have to face “page fault in the nonpaged area.” Sounds to be something new or unknown? But you have to face this many times right? Okay then; we will be discussing all the relevant points about this error with the windows. This needs much of your consideration after all; it can put barriers to your work.

What is “Page fault in nonpaged area”?

While working on a client PC or any installations you might have dealt with the blue screen consisting of the long error message. Generally, the message is known to start with PAGE_ERROR_IN_NON_PAGE_AREA. Well, the ones unknown about this might think it too be a great issue with the application installed. Or you may also think it to be a problem with the PC. Is it so? Wait!! Don’t try to restart the computer it will not work, and the message will appear again. This message has a simple implication that a piece of data for which the Windows is searching cannot be found in the memory.

As per Microsoft, such errors are caused due to faults in the hardware of the system (namely RAM or hard drive). Some reasons for this may also include corrupted NTFS volumes, bad drivers or antivirus software. However, there are many possible solutions to tackle them and make your work easier. For your help, we are going to discuss them all here. A bad memory is one of the major reasons for this. And the most common solution people usually find is the removal and replacement of RAM. But this is going to be too hectic, and most of you would like to avoid this. Therefore it is much better to consider the other easier solutions that can help you at least in time.

Simple Solutions for complex problems

To help you deal with this complex seeming errors, listed below are the solutions with some easy steps. You can go through these to know how to get rid of this common error.

Solution 1- Adjust Paging File: This simple trick may work well for you in case this error is not related to the hardware issues. Some simple clicks may make your way through the error. For this follow the given steps:

  • Open the control panel on your PC; now click on system. You may click on Computer then open This PC and choose properties.
  • Now click on the link for Advanced System Settings given on the left-hand side.
  • Click the settings button under performance.
  • Now under the Virtual Memory settings click on Advanced and then on Change.
  • Choose the option that allows to automatically manage paging file sizes for all drives. Then select the No Paging file. Click on ok and get out of the dialogue box windows which may appear.

Solution 2- Check Disk: The failure of the hard disk may also be one of the certain reasons for this error. In that case, running the chkdsk command can help you well. Follow the given steps to do this:

  • Click on start and type cmd. Now choose the option of Run as Administrator. Now type the command: chkdsk/f.
  • When the restart is done Press Y for yes.

Solution 3- Bad Driver: Drives are usually considered to be important for Windows, but when you change drives the problem of faulty drives may arise. This gives rise to the blue error screen. For this, you will need to follow the steps as:

  • Click on start and type Device Manager. Then select the device that to be updated. Right-click on the device name and click Roll Back Driver.
  • You can also select properties, then select Driver and then click on the Rollback driver.

If the button is disabled, then you may not be able to use this trick. However, the last option you are left with is to try clicking the Uninstall button. This may result at the end of a problem if the reason for a bad drive is relevant.

Solution 4- Last known Configuration: In case the problem is more complex than just the driver then the use of the Last Good Configuration may help. This will bring back the older version of Windows that has been known to work well on the PC. For this click on the F8 key; select Advanced Settings. The system recover functions may be different for Windows 8 and Windows 10 as the F8 key is assigned some different functions.

Solution 5- Check the RAM:  As discussed before, RAM has the major role in the occurrence of such errors. Therefore if nothing else works; you are needed to handle and check out the RAM. Sometimes you will just need to remove the damaged or bad RAM chip and leave the rest in place. However, if you are not comfortable with these technological issues, then it is better to take professional help. This is just a deal of few minutes, and your system will work well like before. It is also advisable to keep cleaning the RAM on a regular basis so that it does not create problems like this.

Solution 6- Anti-virus Software: In some possible cases, the blue screen errors may be the result of the Anti-virus software in your PC. The best solution, in that case, is to uninstall the Anti-virus software completely and give a restart to your PC. This will probably solve the issue in a better way.

The above-mentioned solutions are simple tricks that you can utilize to tackle little problems on your own. However, in case these do not work you can look for assistance from appropriate sources. You will now surely be able to tackle with Page fault in a nonpaged area that too perfectly.