Outsourcing Software Development: The Key Stages of Creation

Outsourcing Software Development

Due to the events of the last several years, many companies have been moving their services to digital and online formats to better interact with existing customers and draw in new ones. This has spurred the demand for software development and consequently, the growth of outsource software development agency number is also increasing. These agencies help many companies to develop software, such as web and mobile applications for various companies and purposes. Taking into account the prosperity of the software development market, is it easy and hassle-free to find a development team that can implement the vision in full? Our experience of collaboration with businesses shows that it isnít. Letís talk about steps a business can take to find a developer and bring their idea into devices.

4 Steps to Help a Business to Succeed in App Development

Despite the increasing number of companies that provide software development outsourcing services, business experiences difficulties with finding a tech partner that can understand their vision, goals, and needs to develop an app. But the good news is that there are steps one can take to simplify the process of finding a reliable and competent partner.

Get a Complete Picture of an App

First of all, when discussing the idea, the development partner company should have a detailed understanding of what the app should look like so that the programmers can build the application the way you want. You can consider that the development partner company understands your idea and is ready to implement it if they are provided with answers to the following questions:

  • What is the overall goal that the app should achieve?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What can the app do in terms of features and functionality?
  • What platforms will the app run on?
  • What is the app’s business model?

During the discussion, the project manager or a team may propose their vision with your wishes in mind. The main thing at this stage is to reach a consensus.

Finding the Right Partner to Implement the App Idea

When it comes to looking for an app development partner, checking the development studioís website will be much help. Usually, development companies for their websites with portfolios containing software that has been created, customer feedback on working with a particular development agency, and, sometimes, recognitions and awards, if any, and other useful documents and certifications.

Also, to maximize the understanding between the two parties, the development company should understand your goal, mission, and vision during the interview process. This is why it is important to interview a potential development partner. During this interview, you will be able to discuss both the terms of cooperation and minor questions about the project. Efficient communication between the project manager and the customer will allow you to make the application in the best possible way.

App Development

the app development phase requires an understanding of the app, which must be achieved before the start of creation. Understanding what important aspects the future application should touch, allows programmers to choose exactly the features that will be necessary to achieve a specific goal. The key to the accurate implementation of your vision into an application is communication. Communication helps achieve an understanding of how the project will be carried out and identifies key development milestones. These milestones or sprints represent predictable goals that are achieved throughout the application development cycle. The Internet offers many different ways to communicate: google meet, zoom, Skype for video calls, and various corporate messengers for text messages.

Testing and Evaluation

An important step before launching the application is to spot and evaluate problems with the developed application. QA engineers test the operation of all the app features and functionalities, check the design, and detect other technical nuances that can spoil the experience of using the application. 

The purpose of quality assurance is to prevent any possibility that the application will prove faulty. It is superfluous to mention how bad it is for the company if a faulty or poorly performing application reaches the customer. Of course, it is not uncommon for bugs to be found later, but in such cases, full-service companies such as Celadon provide their services after launch to develop updates and fixes.

Reliable Software Development Company That Takes the App Development off Your Shoulder

Software help to boost businesses. To make it happen, a business needs a reliable software development team. For those companies that donít view an in-house team as an option, outsourcing will become a winning option. Among all the existing outsourcing software development studios, Celadon has all – technical capabilities, experience, knowledge, talents, hard skills, soft skills, creative thinking, etc – that allow businesses to turn ideas into software that lives up on the devices.