Only on Mobile: 3 Games You Can Only Find in Your App Store

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There is no doubt that your phone is now officially a pocket gaming device. Every Android and iOS is a little treasure trove of mobile game options. These games have come a long way in recent years, featuring detailed graphics, extended play time and levels, and more complex plotlines.


With expanding connectivity and limitless data, mobile gaming has seen a shift towards more interactive, multiplayer platforms. Role-playing games are increasing in popularity, making the demand for fresh new games higher than ever. What’s more, developers are under more pressure to produce quality gaming options across all mobile devices. Now that our app stores are flooded with such a varied array of games, it’s hard to know which ones are worth the download. Here’s three solid picks that you should definitely consider.


Final Fantasy 15

The Final Fantasy 15 exclusive mobile game is an absolute favorite for mobile gamers. This edition has been hailed by many as the best in the Final Fantasy series. The intricate storylines, interesting characters and stunning graphics make it a must-have on your phone. This is an open world action RPG that appeals to a wide audience. You can battle monsters, search for treasure and embark on detailed adventures exploring the beautiful world of Eos. For many Final Fantasy fans, the idea of translating an over 100 hour RPG originally intended for PlayStation into a mobile version seemed impossible. The overwhelming consensus has been that this was well-executed, and the result is an equally thrilling handheld version of this gaming classic.


Chaos Rings III

The game that tech review site Techsnek placed first on their list of top ten best RPGs with an impressive 9.6 rating, Chaos Rings III is set in a fantasy world on the planet Marble Blue. Players explore this foreign world as one of five possible characters, uncovering mysteries and hidden truths about this strange place. The storyline is fairly intricate, following the experiences of various characters and exposing surprising plot twists that challenge your perception of the visually striking Marble Blue. There are over 50 hours of gameplay, making this a rich and expansive RPG experience.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

A unique, fast-paced card game with a magical medieval theme, Hearthstone offers a different experience for users that is all about strategy. There are hundreds of cards to win, each unleashing new abilities like conjuring spells and summoning mythical creatures. Compete with other players to gain control earn prizes, or engage in single player adventures set in the Warcraft fantasy universe. Explore the game that mobile gaming review website Eurogamer described as “overflowing with character and imagination, feeds off and fuels a vibrant community of players and performers.”


In the wide expanse of mobile gaming options in your app store, there are a handful that definitely stand out. Whether you are looking to slay monsters, explore a new universe, or strategize over a deck of fantasy cards, these picks should make for hours of enjoyable gameplay.