Online Sports Betting Tips – Increase Your Profit by Over 200%

Online Sports Betting Tips

Sportsbetting is a fun way to engage with your favourite sports teams, and also has the potential to be incredibly lucrative. To earn some impressive profits, there are some strategies that you should keep in mind.

Compare the Odds

Different sites offer different odds, so it is always a good idea to shop around. You’ll want to sign up to different sites, so you can browse the different odds that they offer.

Let’s take the Champion’s League final, for example. If you wanted to wager on Mohamed Salah or Cristiano Ronaldo to score first, you’ll find different odds on various sites:

Red Bet Betfair Coral
Ronaldo 59/20 11/4 11/4
Salah 7/2 9/2 10/3

As you can see, there is significant variation between the sites. At Red Bet, wagering $10 on Mohammed Salah to score first, you’d win $45 but wagering at Betfair would earn you $55. That’s 22% difference, so it certainly pays to shop around.

Registering with a couple of different sites also provides you with the chance to pick from a few different offers. The best online sportsbook operators always offer up a wide range of bonuses, from match bonuses to free bets. So, you can always have a look at different sites to find out which bonuses offer you the best value for money.


Stay Focused

The key to being successful at sportsbetting is knowing what you’re doing. You should know a lot about the league you’re wagering on, so you can make informed decisions and not have to rely on tips.

You’ll have to keep a lot in mind, like form, weather conditions, the crowd and morale. If you’re wagering on several different sports, it’s hard to keep track of all of tyhis information, so be sure to keep your markets limited.

Since your favourite sport won’t be played all year round, you may want to take up another one in the off-season. You should spend as much time researching this one as your primary sport, as it is important that you know its ins-and-outs so that you can make successful bets.


Think Outside the Box When Making Bets

With all of your expertise in your favourite sport, you should have a bit more insight than your average sports bettor. Wagering on the overall outcome of the match or who will score are bets that pay out lower odds than some of the more niche markets, so you should draw on your depth of knowledge to make more educated wagers.

We can use the Champion’s League final again. If you bet on Cristiano Ronaldo to score first, are you confident that he will score in the first ten minutes? That wager offers up odds of 16/1, much more than the “score first” odds of 11/4.

Consider what you know about each team and its players. Think about all of the potential circumstances that will occur during the match and put your knowledge to use to make some lucrative bets. You can place bets like “no free kicks & corners or throw ins in the first 5 minutes” at odds of 40/1. If you’re a knowledgeable fan, you should be able to know how to make these kinds of bets to ensure the best outcome.