Online slots Australia – features of the game and detailed guide for beginners

In this article you are all about online slots Australia, what are the types of games, how to start playing and which casinos are the best these days.

Slots is an old gambling game that appeared more than 30 years ago. At first, people could enjoy this game only in real life, but nowadays it has become possible to play your favorite game without leaving home. On the Internet you can find thousands of online casinos, you just need to have a good Internet connection and a PC or a modern device.

To compete with each other, online casinos create their own versions of online slots Australia https://www.baocasino.com/games/slots. Almost on every popular site you will find more than 100 variations of the game on different topics. There are musical bands, films and cartoons, animals, fruits and vegetables, jewelry and so on. Everyone can find a game to their taste and enjoy spending time at the game.

Are slots popular among Aussies?

Of course, slots are widely popular in Australia. Real money online casinos are legal, so you can safely play at your pleasure both in real casinos and online. The most popular sites have tens of thousands of online, and in a real casino you can always find a good company. In addition to slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other gambling games are very popular here.

If you are looking for a company for a joint game in online slots Australia, you can easily find it on gambling forums or in online chat. Here you can ask all your questions about the game, the rules of the casino, ask for advice and so on.

What are pokies?

From Australian and New Zealand gambling players, you will often hear the term pokie, and this can confuse you. It’s hard to guess, but by pokies they mean slots. This word is an abbreviation for the phrase “poker machines”, which began to be used in modern slang. Now casinos continue to call slots pokie, because it is more familiar to users.

So, what are slots or pokie? This is a popular casino game, which is presented in the form of several reels and rows on which the symbols spin. When making a bet, you spin the reels and get some combination. It depends on this combo whether you won coins or not. There are many types of slots with unique features, bonus levels, game mechanics and themes.

Types of pokies

There are a lot of variations of the slots. The uniqueness of the pokie depends only on the imagination of online casinos and game developers. For example, such a popular company as Microgaming has already made several hundred games that have won the hearts of millions of fans. Australia online slots differ from each other by:

  1. The number of reels. Oftenly, it’s 3 or 5 reels, but sometimes more.
  2. Theme. Illustrations, symbols, background, music, atmosphere – all this completely depends on the theme of the game. You will find slots for games, films, cartoons, popular franchises and just in a certain style.
  3. Gameplay. In some games you just press the spin button, in others you will need to interact with machine, participate in minigames and more.
  4. Bonus levels. There are slots with free spins, and there are with a bonus level and a jackpot. Some games delight players with the Wilds and Scatters, while others guarantee a high multiplier.

Create an account in any online casino and personally see the wide variety of games

The most popular pokies in Australia

Especially for you, we have chosen TOP3 online casinos with the best conditions for the game:

  1. Fair Go Casino – the country’s most popular online casino with thousands of online pokies. Over 600 games, live tables, instant deposit and withdrawal, up to the AUD1000 starting bonus.
  2. 24 VIP Casino – a confident second place. Many years on the market, a wide range of games, regular giveaways and tournaments, bonuses and discounts.
  3. Two Up Casinos – a very popular online casino, but with fewer games. Withdrawal within 3-5 days, there is a starting bonus, excellent technical support.

Any of these online casinos in Australia will give you an unforgettable gambling experience. Get started now!

Image Credit: Gambling via Dana.S/Shutterstock