Online Shopping Tips & Hacks for Amazon and Flipkart Sales

Tips & Hacks for Amazon and Flipkart

Online Shopping is no longer a hard task as it has become popular throughout the country due to benefits like doorstep delivery, discounts, better pricing, and much more. Moreover, online sales take these benefits to the next level. In this article, we will talk about the tips & hacks that can be applied on Amazon and Flipkart sales which are undoubtedly the best online shopping sales in India. Besides, you will get to know how to save more on the upcoming sales from these marketplaces.   

Read Bank Offer T&Cs Well

Most Amazon and Flipkart sales offer a 10% instant discount on paying via given Bank’s credit or debit card or EMI. This 10% discount is mostly limited to a certain amount (Rs 1500 on an average). Next up, you might get the bank offer on No Cost EMI as well so do check. Sometimes, there is a restriction on debit or credit card type so make a note of it as well. Besides, there might be a minimum amount transaction to be done to avail the bank offer.

Wishlist & Wait

It is possible that the products you are willing to buy at the start of the sale are available at a lower price as the sale progresses. Simply, Wishlist or Add-to-Cart all your required products at the start of the sale and then wait for sometime (probably upto a day). Don’t forget to note down their prices while you wishlist. After the wait, prices might be decreased as Amazon and Flipkart will be happy to serve customers even at a bit lower price. One risk here is that the product may go out-of-stock. If it is a high-end product then no need to worry, but for other items do try to close the deal faster. If your cart value is high (above 50k or 1 lakh) then you can even call the customer care team for a bulk discount.

Have a Smoother & Faster Checkout

You might face issues at checkout if you falter in address, payment details, applying coupons, bank offers, etc. If the order fails then you need to re-attempt. During re-attempt, you might get issues like price difference, “apply bank offer after some time” error, out-of-stock, and others. Therefore, it is important to have a smoother & faster checkout during the sale. Thus, save your payment details & correct address, keep coupon codes or gift card codes ready, have a strong internet, and other such things. 

Check for Genuine Sale Discounts

Before (probably 15-30 days prior) the sale, make a note of the prices of your desired products. Thus, when the sale starts you can compare the sale price (don’t forget bank offers and other sale rewards) with the earlier selling price to check for genuine sale discounts. Moreover, compare the price on other online shopping portals as well. If a portal is offering the same product at a lesser price then do check the product details (expiry, warranty, etc) properly so that its quality is not compromised.

Save More with Coupons, Deals, and Cashback Offers

Both Amazon and Flipkart promote their coupons heavily on the internet. These coupons can be applied at checkout for additional savings. Some products show coupons on the product page itself so you don’t need to go elsewhere to find it. However, there are many products for which you need to find coupons. There are many websites (beware of fake ones) which gather coupons all in one place so they are of great help. Moreover, these sites provide the best deals running in the sale and also keep on updating them for better deals.

There are also websites (again, beware of fake ones) which give you cashback on shopping via them. Thus, you save via sale price and also cashback. Generally, cashback on these sites can be redeemed for online shopping or can be transferred to a bank account.    

Shop Responsibly

Online shopping sales are the next big thing now because of their amazing benefits. It is possible that people who are saving-conscious end-up spending more than their budget during sales. Yes, definitely you might have saved a lot more, but shaking your crucial budget might affect you in the long run so shop responsibly.

Grab App-only Giveaways

Amazon and Flipkart have their giveaways via mobile app quizzes and games. Here, you simply need to play for free to win cash prizes and other exciting rewards. The current Amazon Prime Day sale has got a lot of it where prizes include Amazon Pay balance, mobiles, appliances, discount coupons, and more. These are available exclusively on the mobile app.

Take Benefits of Exclusive Credit Cards

Amazon and Flipkart have their exclusive credit cards, Amazon ICICI Bank credit card and Flipkart Axis Bank credit card respectively. If you shop via them during the sale then you earn reward points which adds to your savings. The Amazon ICICI Bank card is currently offering 5% reward points in the Prime Day sale. Moreover, when you apply for the card for the first time, you can get some free wallet money and other fine rewards.

Flash Sales

During the sale days, Amazon and Flipkart promote flash sales to engage their customers. These sales run only during a scheduled time so check for timings on sale pages. You might get your items at the best price here so do have a look.

Now, let’s have a look on How to Save More on the upcoming sale from Amazon and Flipkart.

Saving Tips for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day Sale (26-27 July)

Here are some essential tips to Shop on the upcoming Amazon Prime Day Sale.

Best Time to become an Amazon Prime Member

If you are not an Amazon Prime member then this sale is the best time to subscribe. A yearly membership costs Rs 999, but you can get it for Rs 849 i.e. Rs 150 savings! Follow the below given steps to successfully avail this offer.

  1. Buy 1 year of Prime by paying Rs 999. 
  2. Visit the Amazon Rewards section and collect “15% cashback on Prime Day orders” offer. 
  3. Shop for min Rs 1000 during Amazon Prime Day Sale.
  4. You will get Rs 150 in your Amazon Pay wallet within 24 hrs (mostly given instantly).

Grab the Best Prime Day Deals

There are many Prime Day deals up for grabs, but which ones are the best is the question. Here, best is in terms of discounts, additional savings, and user feedback. Well, you will get all the Best Deals at one place here on Amazon Prime Day Sale.

Hacks to Save Big on the upcoming Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale (25-29 July)

The Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale will be alongside the Amazon Prime Day Sale so you will have a chance to shop at best possible prices.

Pre-Book before the Sale 

Flipkart runs a Pre-Book sale (21-23 July 2021) before the actual sale where customers can grab products at a price even lesser than the sale price (not assured). Not all products are available for pre-book so if a product has a “Pre-Book” tag then only you can go for it. Also, check the selling price, sale price, and pre-book deal price for actual savings. You can pre-book by paying Rs 1 per product. You need to pay the remaining amount on 24-25 July. It is possible that bank offers are not applicable for pre-book deals so do check that.

Check for Top Deals

Just as we mentioned for Prime Day, Flipkart Big Saving Days can also be used well via its top deals. If you are not planning to buy anything specific then check these Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale top deals which might get your long awaited (due to high price) product to you.

We hope that these tips and hacks will help you get the best Amazon and Flipkart sale shopping experience.