Online Guides make life simpler

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You can learn more or less anything online. Since the dawn of public internet, the sharing of information has skyrocketed. Nowadays, more information than ever is shared and there are more creative ways than ever to do so.

Whatever you need to learn there in life there is almost always a corresponding guide or review that can teach you how to do something or what to expect. Here at savedelete.com, we have posted an immense amount of guides and reviews to help you with whatever you need.

[1] For example, on this website, you can find out how to purchase the perfect fur coat. But of course, this a pretty distinct niched guide and there’s a possibility that most of you have no interest in a fur coat. Almost everyone nowadays wants to purchase a mobile so maybe a guide on how to purchase a smartphone would suit you better.

Naturally, we don’t just post guides on purchasing things either. We have guides that can help you in your work life as well such as a guide to new careers in the digital era.

Reviews are also an important part of the online community of information exchange so there is a contact form where you can ask us for reviews on any brand, product or service that you want to know more about.

Best ways to pass time online

In the spirit of facilitating knowledge exchange, this article will also be a guide on how to find quick and safe entertainment online. Everyone gets bored from time to time but there are near-endless ways of entertaining yourself.

Let’s start with games. One of the easiest and best ways to pass time and enjoy yourself is through mobile games. If you have a smartphone they are easily accessible, the majority of mobile games are free and if you choose the right one for you it can be a lot of fun.

[2] Since there is an obscene amount of games available you can check out this mobile game guide to see if there are any that suit your taste. The games reviewed are only for android but since India is an “android country” this shouldn’t be a problem for the majority out there reading.

Another great way to pass time is lotteries, which many of you possibly already play. What you might not know is that you can play them online. Several Indian lottery websites post reviews and guides to help players make educated decisions. One example is this EuroMillions review were you can read more about how to play this famous international lottery, from India. This is another great way to pass time and you might even earn some money doing it.

Speaking of reviews and earning money you might also be interested in Swagbucks. It is an online platform where you can earn credits for each review you make. The reviews you will make can be anything from a product or service to a review of a whole brand.

For each review, you get a certain amount of credits depending on a wide variety of factors. You can redeem your credits for a number of different gift cards such as Amazon, Paypal, Netflix and many more.

Online forums

The last tip that will be presented, which you also might recognize, is Reddit. It is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, more or less a knowledge exchange platform. Here you can find an uncountable amount of subreddits which are small forums discussing one particular subject in particular.

So for example, if you are interested in cricket you might want to check out the India Cricket subreddit. You can find anything from the latest trade rumors to reviews of players and games.

Whatever it is you are looking to find information on you will be able to encounter it on Reddit. There are also many subreddits that more or less only have funny videos. Whatever your interest you’ll have a good time on Reddit.