Online gas providers partnering with payment gateways for smoother and faster transactions.

gas providers

No longer are tasks like gas bookings handled offline, the process takes a long time which isnít a luxury that most people enjoy. Gas booking options have been taken online with a lot of websites allowing their users to pick their gas provider from the three available in India, HP, Bharat Gas and Indane. They also receive all their forms, applications and a list of the documents needed when applying for a connection, including proof of identification and address.

The websites in some instances allow people to download the application forms, fill them out, scan them, and upload them. Post this step, the website handles the running around and gets in touch with the applicant, post completing the process. Applicants receive updates on the process with details on when it would be completed and they receive their gas card. These websites also connected with the postal service to have the cards delivered to home addresses to make it easier for the end-user.

To assist with an even faster process, most of these platforms partnered with payment gateways to increase the speed of the payment process. Other than booking cylinders online, payments can be made through PayTM or Freecharge. This was the initial phase of creating a more convenient system for people to book gas cylinders. With the entire system online and most payment gateways having their apps, even older clients preferred paying online, since it meant saving a trip to the office.

Banks wanted to get in on this as well and with the competition that comes with getting clients to open accounts, they hopped on the train. Various banks made changes to their net banking facilities to partner with gas providers so people could pay their bill through the Netbanking directly. This made the process easier since they would receive the exact amount of their gas bill because of the partnership saving them time and allowing them to make the payment directly.

They also incorporated notifications that told people the exact amount and the last date by when

the payment should have been made, forcing them to make it, through a convenient, one-step process.

Other than from the bank point of view, this turned into a race from the gas providers side as well. Many gas providers knew that partnering with various banks meant access to their clients and they did the same. For instance, in some states, some gas providers partnered with HDFC while others with SBI getting access to new markets of customers. This went on for some time until it reached a peak and the entire process changed with all companies on each other’s platforms.

Being affiliated to a bank account was soon another requirement when choosing a gas provider you would select if you were moving to a new location. Other requirements were, how often deliveries took place, if other companies provided a better gas price, and if there were good reviews about the provider.

Image credit: Gas providers via Photology1971/Shutterstock