Online Fax sender – one of the best ways to send a fax

Online Fax sender

With the commencement of the technological era, modern computers, printers etc. have made their places in the offices, but there is no denying that the fax machine has not lost all its charms. The fax machine has played its role in the business world for over several decades. The increased security is one of the most common advantages of sending faxes.

When you are running a business, you need a system in place to securely send important documents from one colleague or organization to another easily, especially if your business deals with multiple clients on a daily basis. Introduction of new tools has not cornered the importance of Fax; rather, it is still one of the most ‘go-to’ devices for varied needs.

Online fax sender as the name suggests is an online fax service designed to cater to both individual and professional needs, allowing the sending of the faxes directly from the browser. The easy to use and affordable service of the platform is equipped with many good features. The browser-based online fax sender offers worldwide guaranteed delivery along with providing live status updates.

User can send a fax to any fax device by using online fax sender by following just three steps:

  1. A user first has to upload documents which he wants to send using the online form.
  2. Then he needs to enter the fax number where he wants to send his document.
  3. Now when the uploading is complete, he needs to wait for the fax to get delivered. Online fax sender sends a notification by email once the fax is delivered.


  1. It allows sending fax anywhere in the world – With online fax sender, you can send a fax to real devices anywhere in the world. The company offers free services to up to 27 destinations, which is good considering the kind the money that one has to spend in sending a fax.
  2. It allows the user to progress the updates – The website lets the user track the progress of the fax along with providing the estimated delivery time. It keeps the user in the loop by sending the notifications of failed or successful delivery of the fax by email.
  3. Guaranteed delivery – With online fax sender, you can ensure that your fax will be delivered. If the fax gets failed for some reason, the platform will keep on sending it for up to six times. If still the fax is not being delivered, the company offers a full refund of the payment being made.
  4. Secure payments – All the communication on the online fax sender website is secured with SSL encryption. Online Fax sender also processes the payment through their PayPal payment gateway.

Pricing and conclusion:

Price of online fax sender is highly competitive compared to other fax services. The company is unique in the sense that it sends the fax without any use of watermarks or any form of cover page branding. There is no requirement of a minimum number of pages; whether a person is sending one page or twenty pages, he will be charged equally. The prices depend on the country you want to send a fax to.

Online fax sender is the easiest and fastest way of sending a fax. All it needs is the computer with a working internet connection. Whether it’s for a business or personal life, online fax sender does not stop to tempt its users by its attractive features and ease of use.

Image credit: Online fax sending via FuzzBones/Shutterstock