Online Community Service: Folks to Volunteer without Travelling

Virtual volunteering is implementing community-driven services online through platforms like email, Zoom and software. Virtual volunteering is equivalent to online volunteering. Inconveniences like physical distance, busy schedules, and limited mobility often deter folks from giving back to society. With the wealth of virtual volunteer activities in continuation, offering from Home is easier than ever. By exploring online databases and scanning the options on this list, you can obtain a cause that suits your schedule and commitment level and better humanity without leaving your couch.

Online community services are virtual community service projects that people can join through computers or smartphones. These online community service events enable folks to volunteer from Home or work without travelling to a physical volunteering location. There is much online community service to volunteer from Home. Examples of online community service include:

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WhyHunger: WhyHunger battles food scarcity by uniting individuals with food pantry services. The organization entertains an open-source database of community pantries asked the National Find Food Database. You can benefit WhyHunger expand the database by maintaining, adding, and updating entries to the list.

Audiopedia: Audiopedia enables women in developing countries by encouraging literacy and education. The organization prompts specialists to answer questions regarding topics like business, health, childcare, and nutrition. Virtual volunteers proofread and alter the content into multiple languages, design artwork and draft correspondence, program open-source software, or help spread the nonprofit’s mission.

Mozilla: Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make the internet accessible and open to all. The company offers virtual volunteering opportunities for techies and non-techies alike, including coding, translating, and responding to user help questions.

Wagging Tales: The Maryland SPCA runs a Wagging Tales program that enables children to virtually read to shelter pets via scheduled video calls. Because kids get to practise reading skills while interacting with animals, this is one of the best online volunteering opportunities for students. In addition, local libraries and animal organizations often offer similar programs or are open to collaborating on such initiatives, so consider reaching out to local organizations if you are not in Maryland’s time zone.

Grow Movement: Grow Movement satisfies business experts from around the world with burgeoning entrepreneurs in Africa. Virtual volunteers operate through Skype, email, and phone calls to support aspiring business owners in developing countries develop industry skills. The program duration continues six months and at least 12 mentoring sessions and focuses on finance, marketing, strategy, and creative problem-solving.

Girl Scouts: Girl Scouts launched a Girl Scouts program at Home, which entertains virtual events to inform badge competencies. The nonprofit hosts’ online events with several experts, meaning these virtual events provide great online volunteer opportunities for organizations. Additionally, companies and individuals with STEM, outdoors, or art abilities can sign up to plan a remote event through VolunteerMatch.

UPchieve: UPchieve partners students from under-served communities and low-income areas to help online tutors with academic advice. The platform is flexible, so you can volunteer as your schedule allows. UPchieve will text volunteers when a student needs assistance, and volunteers can log into an internet-enabled device to help or leave it up to another volunteer to answer the call.

Chronic Warriors Org, Inc.: The Chronic Warrior collective connects individuals battling long-term illnesses with caring folks around the globe. This virtual volunteer network aims to garner support for patients fighting chronic conditions by harnessing the power of human connection. The organization runs several initiatives per year, including a holiday card swap and a campaign where dog-owners send letters and pictures of pups.

Humanitarian Data Exchange: When responding to natural or artificial disasters, relief workers and humanitarians need quick access to critical information. Yet, many of the required resources are in PDF form and are difficult to parse quickly. Humanitarian Data Exchange virtual volunteers gather and enter this data into databases so that rescue workers can quickly find the necessary information and speedily respond.

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