Online Binary Number Calculator

Binary Number Calculator

The online binary calculator converts a number from a binary number system to other. The number can be any non-negative. The base of the number system for converting from 2 to 36 inclusive.

In the form of the calculator, enter the number in the binary number system, then specify the number system in which you want to convert the number and click “Calculate”.

A numbering system, or numbering, is a set of rules and signs with which you can display (encode) any non-negative number. There are certain requirements for number systems, among which the most important are the requirements for the unique coding of non-negative numbers 0, 1, … from a finite set of them – range P to a finite number of steps and the ability to perform arithmetic and logical operations in numbers.

In addition, number systems solve the problem of numbering, that is, an effective transition from images of numbers to numbers, which in this case should have a minimum number of digits. From the successful or unsuccessful choice of the number system depends on the effectiveness of solving these problems and its use in practice.

The binary number system is a positional number system, the base of which is two and uses only two characters to write numbers: usually 0 (zero) and 1 (unit). The numbers represented in this system are often called binary or binary numbers.

To write a number in the binary system, the representations of this number are used using powers of 2.

Due to the fact that such a system is quite simple to use in electrical circuits, the binary system has become widespread in the world of computing devices.

Description for Binary Calculator

The application can perform calculations in different number systems (from 2 to 10 and 16). Allows binary operations OR AND XOR. Also, the application helps to convert numbers into various number systems.

Attention, the application has restrictions on data entry, if the result of the operation has more than 15 decimal places, then the characters after the 15th will not be shown!

The application supports the following number systems and operations:

Operations 1 Convert from the Binary number system / binary / base 2 Calculator and Corrector

Operations 2 Convert and calculations from the ternary number system

Operations 3 Base number system 3 Calculator and Converter

Operations 4 Convert from the Octal number system / base 8 Calculator and Converter

Operations 5 Convert from Decimal / Base 10 Calculator and Converter

Operations 6 Convert from Hexadecimal / Base 16 Calculator and Converter

Detailed, step-by-step, solution of the problem of dividing integer binary numbers directly on the website in the mode of Online. You can enter the numbers to be divided in one of four number systems: binary, octal, decimal, or hexadecimal. Before multiplication, all numbers will be converted to binary automatically.

At this step, select, from the drop-down list below, the number system in which you will enter the dividend and divisor, the size of the bit grid (bit depth of the registers of the factors), and click the “Next” button. If you are at a loss with the choice of a bit grid, then leave the value “Auto”.