No Reason to Fear: 5 Iron-Clad Arguments That Suggest Artificial Intelligence Won’t Take Over Your Job

Artificial Intelligence

A growing number of people seem to be fearful that when it comes to their work prospects they might end up being redundant in every sense of the word if the robots come to take over their jobs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prominent in the workplace and with more tasks being delegated to machines powered by AI it is understandable that a percentage of the workforce will be fearful that they will become redundant and replaced by machines.

These fears can be counteracted with some compelling arguments that AI is not a case of replacing humans and more a case of supplementing and augmenting our capabilities.

Doing the tasks that humans don’t really excel at or enjoy

AI can be used strategically and rather than replacing the human workforce altogether it is a technology that can be used to do the jobs that humans aren’t so good at, or as efficient.

Processing large volumes of data are one prime example. Using a machine that can process data quickly and accurately allows their human counterparts to do something more empowering.

Replacing boring tasks with more challenging roles

Another strong argument in favor of man and machine working together rather than humans being replaced is the fact that AI can be used to complete more repetitive tasks that humans find boring and difficult to focus on.

Leaving those tasks to machines will allow a human workforce to focus on more strategic and rewarding tasks instead.

Plugging the skills gap

One of the major challenges facing many industries is a noticeable skills shortage and that means that companies are looking at AI to plug the gap.

Although that might seem to suggest that AI will take over certain tasks from humans the fundamental point is that we will be needed to design and oversee their functionality.

In addition, this scenario represents an excellent opportunity for workers to upskill while managing the implementation and use of AI.

We have a unique thought process

The bottom line is that AI is fundamentally based on pure logic and that means having rational thoughts.

Where a human has a distinct advantage is the ability to have irrational thoughts and to be able to harness that creativity in the workplace.

Clearly, AI can be trained to work things out and meet challenges but we can’t be replaced by something that isn’t capable of the same thought process.

The human touch

Another great example of why some people are worrying too much about robots taking over is when it comes to customer service interaction.

People prefer to talk to a human and even if you can program a robot to show empathy and trigger certain emotional responses, it is telling that we can tell if we are talking to a machine or a human.

Humans will continue to be the DNA that drives the technology and that is why the future promises a work environment that is built on man and machine combining rather than competing.

That’s why employees should embrace the changes that are happening and see them as an opportunity to learn new ways to work rather than fear being replaced.

Image credit: Artificial Intelligence via Tatiana Shepeleva/Shutterstock