No Processed Food : Simplicity Wins at the Table

No Processed food should be the Health Mantra because simplicity wins at the table. After the holidays say goodbye to processed foods, try to discover a more natural and light diet, which rewards health and satisfies the balance.

With the fresh beginning of the new year, we bring a bit of novelty to the plate: to purify and lighten, we opt for a diet that includes foods without preservatives, dyes, thickeners and various aromas.

Getting back into shape is more comfortable if we do without sugar and fried without resorting to too strict diets. So here is the vade mecum to inspire you for a genuine and natural cuisine and a healthier eating style with no processed food.

1 – Always fresh: All kinds of vegetables, chosen from seasonal fruit and vegetables, as long as they are fresh, are great allies for our well-being. The only precaution is not to overdo the quantities: two or three varieties of vegetables and one of fruit will suffice, enough to satiate us and prepare delectable dishes without crowding the refrigerator, with the risk of not being able to consume everything in time.

2 – Focus on quality: Focus on organic fruit and vegetables, but not only because reading the label is not enough. Better to find out about the production methods and the companies behind the products we usually put in the cart. If allowed, a walk among the stalls will be the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and possibly choose between “zero kilometres” products.

3 – Attention to salt: Attention should be paid to canned legumes and frozen soups, as they generally contain higher quantities of salt, preservatives and artificial flavours. The advice is to organize yourself to cook even for several days and always have dishes prepared at home: they will certainly be lighter, natural, and digestible.

4 – No sugar: According to recent studies, the consumption of sugar is growing worrying: it is found everywhere, from bottled drinks to products such as juices or tomato pulp. Sugar makes everything very greedy, but it can be addictive.

5 – Drink water: Water is used to hydrate the body, eliminate toxins, purify the body, improve skin tone and fight headaches. No to drinks and juices, we instead focus on infusions, teas and vegetable drinks based on barley or oats, to be periodically substituted for cow’s milk.

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6 – Small doses: Before deciding on an extreme and punitive diet, let’s try to lighten the quantities on the plate. There is a big difference between enjoying a slice of cake with awareness, appreciating its taste and gratifying the senses, and overdoing the portions. Sometimes the secret to getting back in shape is easier than you think.

7 – In record time: After the holidays, we return to a pseudo-normality, with a frenetic pace. The advice is to use simple recipes and even raw food, excellent for detoxifying the body, promoting the liver’s proper functioning, and filling up with vitamins and minerals. Natural cooking helps keep fit and healthy and fights to age.

8 – Focus on creativity: Imagination in the kitchen is an excellent ally because it avoids the boredom of always the same flavours, stimulating the desire for transgression. If we are at home and work in smart working, the advice is to try new recipes using many spices and aromatic herbs. Ginger, cumin, turmeric, nutmeg: it takes very little to make a delicious and flavorful boiled rice or an anonymous, inviting and delicious omelette.

9 – Lunch box: If even in the period of Covid-19 we are forced to have lunch outside the home, we pay attention. Better to bring along something prepared the night before, rather than a sandwich or – worse – some sweet snack that can affect the results obtained with the detox regime.

10 – Never in a hurry: One of the Mediterranean diet secrets is to use the meal as a moment of sharing and reflection. For this reason, no to the standing feed, yes to a small break where you chew calmly, giving importance to food. Valuing food and nutrition removes emotional hunger and the danger of uncontrolled binge eating and no processed food.