No Equipment 5 – Minute Workout – The Full Body Energizing Workout

Ok first, let’s end this perception that you will have to earn a good price in a gym or buy equipment for a gym at home. You can do a decent Full-body workout at home without any type of equipment too. Yes!! We have brought you the Full-body workout list! 

You might be thinking that how can you work out your full body in just five minutes. It is next to impossible. No, it is possible. If you will perform the five exercises that we brought for you correctly, then You can energize your body in just five minutes without any equipment.

So Let’s See This No Equipment Full-body workout in Just 5 Minutes

It is necessary to tone up all your body parts while doing a complete workout. Every muscle, including biceps, quads, triceps, etc., has to be involved in a workout.

Let’s Get Started With All the Five Exercises You Have To Perform For This Five-Minute Workout

1. Wide Hands Pushup

How to do it?

For performing the wide hand’s pushup, you have to be in a plank position and get flat on the ground. Extend your palms broader than your shoulders.

Point your hand’s fingers towards the wall or on the sides of the wall Lower your chest towards the floor and then bend your elbows And when your chest is subtly below your shoulders, pause it. Now get back to the starting position again and again.

Frequency of this exercise: 

You have to perform this exercise at least 10 times in a minute.

The benefit of Wide Hand Pushups

This exercise benefits your upper body, including muscles of shoulders, chest, upper arms. It helps in building core strength and gives prior protection to your back from any injury.

2. Leg Raise

How to do it? 

Lift your legs towards the upper wall and lie your back on the ground, squeezing your abs. After that, lower your legs towards the ground but slightly above the ground. Try to only lower up to 45 degrees to prevent injury. Then lift it back to the starting position. Your back has to be flat stick to the ground.

Frequency of this exercise:

You have to repeat this exercise ten times in a minute.

The benefit of Leg Raise:

There are more than many benefits of this exercise. It assists in losing weight from the lower abdomen and legs. It is effective for lower abs too. It tones up the muscles of the abdomen.

3. Tricep Dips

How to do it?

Tap your feet flat on the floor in front, then sit on the grounds bending your knees. Place your fingerprints as if it pointing towards your butt and Position your hands behind you with the help of your palms. Now lift your butt and press down into the ground. Ladle your body again towards the ground pushing through palms. After that, return to your starting position.

Frequency of this exercise:

As usual, repeat the exercise ten times in ten minutes.

The Benefits of Tricep Dips:

This exercise increases stability and improves metabolism. It is the best exercise for toning arms.

4. Side Plank

How to do it?

Turn your body to a Plank Position, then twist your torso on the left side, then stack your feet with the edge of the right foot. Now rotate your whole body to the left from the same position. Now lift your left leg towards the upper wall.

Frequency of this exercise:

Perform this exercise on both sides, and there should be a gap of 10 seconds in two consecutive steps. Repeat it at least 5-10 times.

The benefits of Side Plank:

It protects your spine and Strengthens three muscles together, and also reduces the danger of back injury.

5. Goblet Squat

How to do it?

Expand your feet more than your hips, and your toes should face outwards. Take the palms together, and then bend your elbows. Position your elbows and push your heels and then stand again.

Frequency of this exercise:

Repeat it 10 times in a minute.

The benefits of Goblet Squat: 

It tones the muscles of the forearms, core, back, and upper back.


Hence, this was your 5-minute Full-body workout in just 5 minutes. This 5-minute workout can tone up the muscles of your whole body. You can perform it without any equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Just try this 5-minute energizing workout.

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