Nextiva vFAX Review: Affordable Way to Send & Receive Faxes Online

You can transmit and receive faxes without caring about locating and using an actual fax machine, thanks to online fax assistance. A service is Nextiva vFAX, which is affordable and allows lots of customization possibilities.

However, Nextiva vFAX does not give mobile apps, digital signature means, or international faxing abilities.

Nextiva vFax Cost

Nextiva vFAX gives three pricing ranges, charged either annually or monthly. The entry-level account provides a pool of 500 sheets of sent or received faxes for $8.95 per month. This plan allows excellent value. Nextiva vFAX is also highly forgiving if you go over your monthly allotment, accrediting you just three cents per sheet for overages. On the other hand, MyFax charges 10 cents per sheet once you rage through your sheet budget.

If you’re expected to send or receive more than 500 pages worth of faxes significantly, you may need to opt for Nextiva vFAX’s $17.95-per-month Professional program, which gets you 1,000 sheets. Nextiva, vFAX does give a free 30-day trial, but it requires you to provide a payment method.

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Getting Started With vFAX

Signing up for Nextiva vFAX is simple. First, you choose a number by selecting a US state and deciding from a list of area codes. Next, you want to add payment and contact features to make the account creation process.

Nextiva, vFAX does not extend vanity, toll-free, or international numbers. Nextiva, vFAX cannot be used to transmit a fax to an international number, either.

Nextiva vFAX Dashboard

During the account creation process, you established up a username but not a password. Instead, vFAX gives you an email with a passcode in plaintext. Nextiva, vFAX does not blend any two-factor authentication alternatives.

Nextiva, vFAX has no dedicated Android app and an iPhone app to make it easier to send faxes on the go. The site does not use a modern responsive design either, so we recommend using it on a mobile browser. 

Nextiva vFAX on the Web

Nextiva vFAX’s web interface looks nice, but we occasionally encountered some slow-loading sheets. 

You navigate vFAX’s interface through left-hand menu items: Dashboard, Search, Send, View, and Settings. The Dashboard displays an overview of your account info and your activity. Regrettably, it also unnecessarily repeats much of the menu functionality. However, we do like the prominently illustrated Support section.

Nextiva vFAX Support Section

Nextiva, vFAX’s Search function displays a complete list of faxes that you can reorder by date, sender, or user. We expected to search the content of our faxes, but there’s not even a search bar here. The View tab lets you preview any attachments you’ve got. The service’s settings are scattered across several sections, but you get lots of customization choices. One comparatively rare highlight is the ability to get confirmations for the faxes via SMS.

Nextiva, vFAX makes transmitting fax more tedious than do other services. Other fax services collected their fax-sending tools into a single window, but vFAX made us navigate through five screens before sending out our test fax. That said, we do love how vFAX lets you join up to five extra email or fax recipients. vFAX also includes a tool for registering fax delivery up to 90 days in the future. Nextiva, vFAX allows you to attach up to 10 records or 5MB per fax—whichever comes earliest. That’s significantly more under the threshold than the competition offers.

Alternatively, you can apply vFAX with your current email client. Then, to send a fax, type out the complete fax number (including country code) followed by @nextivafax.com. 

Faxes you get with vFAX generate an email alert, but you must follow a link to inspect the fax’s content on Nextiva vFAX’s site. In addition, there is a specific setting in vFAX for your favoured email attachment format.

Nextiva vFAX Send a Fax

Nextiva, vFAX takes only a few seconds to send out fax PDF. However, Nextiva, vFAX’s handling of the graphics-heavy document was not impressive. The service obscured a complete line of text and added artefacts to just about every solid graphics block. Nextiva, vFAX performs much better with the more straightforward text document. The text is clear and doesn’t obscure the few graphical elements on the page.

PROS                                                 CONS

Affordable pricing                                          Cannot choose or send to international numbersFlexible options                                              No mobile apps or digital signature toolsGood fax quality for more straightforward    Poor password securityText-based documents in testing                    Cancellation is unnecessarily difficultNo two-factor authentication                          Parts of web interface slow to load 

Nextiva vFAX Specifications

Cost Per Month $8.95Sheets Per Month 500 Sheets Sent or ReceivedAverage Costs 3 Cents Per Sheet

Nextiva vFAX Needs Improvement.

Nextiva vFAX’s interface seems more advanced than some of its opponents, and we like that its cost is consumer-friendly. Among its most significant drawbacks are that it lacks mobile apps and cannot fax international numbers. In addition, you cannot pick a vanity, international, or toll-free number during settings. The web interface and faxing condition are not overly powerful, either.


Nextiva, vFAX extends an economical way to transfer and receive faxes online. Still, it is plagued by international faxing limitations, the lack of mobile apps, and the absence of higher-end capabilities.

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