New Year’s Resolutions: A Balance Between Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Gaming is a popular indoor

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. These goals often center around self-improvement, while some try to change their habits.

People spend a lot of time indoors, forgoing the health benefits of spending time outdoors. Consequently, one of your resolutions may be to improve your balance between the time you spend engaging in activities inside and outside. Let’s look at some indoor and outdoor activities you can pursue.

Gamers use consoles, gaming computers, and handheld devices to play various video games, including real-time strategy (RTS), action-adventure, role-playing, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

Perhaps you’re looking for a hobby you can enjoy when there are air quality alerts or when it’s frigid outdoors. Gaming’s an ideal indoor activity for people who want something to do late at night or during extreme temperatures. Although it’s possible to take a gaming laptop or handheld device outside, glare on the screen can cause eyestrain.

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a spinoff of League of Legends (LOL) and is a popular MOBA game. The best players compete in esports tournaments, earning hundreds of thousands for tournament victories. Whether you aspire to compete on the international stage or enjoy playing TFT as a hobby, you’ll benefit from reviewing TFT comps. These comps include Cannoneer Lucian, Forgotten Miss Fortune, Rangers, Reroll Rats, and Draconic Zyra.

Various players and roles make up each comp. For example, Reroll Rats includes Hellions, such as Poppy and Rell, while Rangers may use Brawlers or Nightbringers. Forgotten Miss Fortune includes several Assassins. Read up about substitution options and the character traits of Galio, Garen, Akali, Jinx, and other popular TFT characters.

There are several outdoor activities you can pursue.

You can transform your yard and create an outdoor destination with a fire pit, where you can gather with friends and roast marshmallows. Building a screened gazebo is another way to get yourself out of the house without worrying about mosquitos and sunstroke. You can also add outdoor games, such as Ladder Ball, so that you can enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family.

You can also increase your outdoor time with road trips. Follow the Mississippi Blues Trail and visit Robert Johnson’s grave, the Rabbit Foot Minstrels marker, and the birthplace of Muddy Waters. You’ll also spend some time indoors if you visit the Delta Blues Museum and the GRAMMY Museum, but traveling between destinations gives you a chance to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air and take in the scenery.

Gardening’s an excellent hobby for people who want to spend time outdoors. Since gardening’s a low-impact activity, people of all ages can enjoy gardening’s health benefits, such as alleviating stress. Another way to increase your time outdoors is to pursue recreational activities such as hiking or skiing.

There are activities you can enjoy inside and outside.

Some activities are portable, making them ideal options for people who want to balance their time indoors and outdoors. Reading improves brain functions and memory while building vocabulary and lowering stress levels. Reading also reduces your blood pressure, making it an excellent recreational activity for people who need to unwind. You can curl up by the fireplace indoors on a cold winter day or relax with a book in a hammock outdoors.

You can enjoy many creative pursuits indoors and outdoors, such as sketching and painting. Painting nature scenes is a great reason to spend time outside, while you can also use photos as inspiration if it’s too wet or cold to paint outdoors.

Balancing your time indoors and outdoors can be good for your physical and mental health. Indoor activities are a great option when the weather’s bad. Outdoor activities offer a change of scenery and a chance to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. You can also engage in activities you can pursue in both locations.