Netflix’s has got your studies covered too, here’s how?


When the world is pacing up to compete with the spreading COVID19 pandemic, the teachers feel that this is the best time to give their students some extra knowledge. They won’t only relate to the current situation but also keep it with them for long.

The teachers have taken up the idea to make use of the Netflix obsession amongst the young generation. As per the recent reports, Netflix has released a statement stating that it had made some kind of documentary features as well as series which are inclusive of Our Planet and Explained. This has been done keeping the demand of the teachers in mind and thus available on the Youtube channel of the company, free of cost.

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Teachers demand documentaries on Netflix | Free of Cost

The COVID19 pandemic has enforced a lockdown in almost all the corners of the world and the schools and educational institutes are a part of it. But internet connectivity is keeping everyone together, be it in the field of academics, too.

Netflix usually charges a monthly subscription from its users and this forms the basis of the marketing strategy of the firm. However, this initiative is somewhat the opposite of its basic plan. In order to make the content free on YouTube for its users, Netflix has given the teachers a green flag to screen the documentaries in the classroom. This is not possible when the schools are closed hence, it is to keep up the teachers’ request to make the documentaries as well as series available on the US YouTube channel of Netflix.

Netflix faces competition from Apple and Disney

The educational resources are available for both the students as well as the teachers. The documentaries are available in English however, there are a lot of languages that act as subtitles. The ratings are made available too so that both the parents and the teachers can view and select for the students.

With nowhere to go, the people of all age groups are making whatever is streaming on the internet their escape. With apple plus as well as Disney in collaboration with Hotstar, globally the paid users have crossed a quantum of 50 million.