Why Do You Need a VPN Service for Your Mobile Device?

VPN Service for Mobile

Mobile security has become a global concern these days. The paranoia of getting your mobile lost, stolen, or hacked by a professional online hacker is increasing day by day due to a rampant rise in the online attacks in the past few years.

Our mobile devices contain private and confidential data that we would always want to keep protected. We exchange copious amounts of data and messages with others via mobile internet that may or may not be confidential.

Now, who would want their personal data to be stolen or hacked by an expert hacker and then misused for fraudulent purposes? The hackers have set their eyes everywhere. They would not only steal your personal information but also sell them to different authorities to earn money or they probably might threaten you after getting hands on your device’s data and ask for ransom in return. Such online attacks are likely to occur at public Wi-Fi hotspots because they’re open and less secure.

Being an avid mobile user, if you constantly worry about online safety and want to secure the contents of your mobile device, then it’s high time you considered getting a VPN for your mobile security. VPN apps like www.falcovpn.com have been introduced into the world of internet that promise to deliver full protection to your mobile device and to keep the hackers at bay.

With time, VPN services are getting better and their demand is also increasing as more users have started to become aware of their presence. In this article, we will be going to discuss what a VPN is, how it works and why you should get it for your mobile device.

Introducing VPN

VPN basically stands for virtual private network. As the name suggests, it is a service that provides secure internet connection by using private networks in different remote locations. When you’re connected to a VPN, it may appear that you are accessing the internet from an entirely different location. At the same time, it is helping you to maintain security and privacy of your mobile device. Think of a VPN service as a secure tunnel between your mobile phone and your internet connection.

The internet traffic that passes through this secure tunnel becomes encrypted and thus cannot be intercepted by any person, not even your mobile provider or ISP. A VPN service is considered a powerful tool due to its encryption ability. It encrypts all your personal data and makes it impossible for anyone to intercept it. The VPN cloaks your IP address and makes you appear from a different location. This way nobody can track or monitor your mobile internet activity.

How Does a VPN App Work?

Most of the VPN services are both available for mobile phone and desktop platforms. A VPN service can be downloaded and installed as a VPN application on your mobile device. Some VPN services require being configured manually on your mobile phones while others are available in the form of applications. Downloading and using VPN apps are more convenient than manually configuring them. All you need to do is simply select the right VPN from the internet market and then get it installed on your mobile device. Select the location of your choice and let your online activity appear to be taking place in that certain location. The moment you get connected to the VPN server, your IP address is spoofed to another location and all your online activity becomes anonymous.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

Firstly, a VPN app is a must have for your phone if you do not want to risk your mobile security. You need a VPN app for increased and better privacy of your phone. A VPN app can help control the mobile providers or ISPs from gathering your personal information and minute details of your online activity and then selling it to the authorities without seeking your permission. You surely would not want your ISP to collect your information and sell to other parties without your consent. Because of its encryption ability, a VPN app does not let anyone track your online activity or monitor your web browsing history. Therefore, VPN protects your information from your ISP.

Secondly, you need to get a VPN app installed on your mobile phone especially if you are a constant traveler and want to use the services of public Wi-Fi hotspots on a regular basis. Since public Wi-Fi networks are open in nature and are also less secure, you need to guard your mobile devices with a VPN server before getting your devices connected to them.

Another reason why you would need a VPN app is to get access to the blocked content or video streaming sites that you other otherwise could not. For instance, let’s say you’ve gone for a business meeting in China but do not want to miss out on the latest episode of your favorite TV show that you were watching on Netflix back home. Typically, you wouldn’t be able to access the Netflix content if you are in another country but with a VPN app on your disposal, you can stream the content from any part of the world.

Let’s not forget that online threats are real and they’re taking over our lives gradually. Since we use our mobile phones to access the internet in many different locations, we need to make them as secure as possible which is only possible with the help of a VPN service.