All you need to know about Website Builders


With the advent of the internet, online presence has become every business’s prime requirement. A user-friendly, as well as a well-designed website, can be the greatest asset to any business which can also add to its value. Due to the ever-increasing requirement of having a significant online presence, businesses are always looking for perfectly designer website as per their needs. But when it comes to building a good website, the task can be tedious and painstaking. It requires a great deal of research, testing and gauging the expected reaction of the visitors of the website. The process can be quite overwhelming especially when it comes to building a good website. To do so, there are numerous website builder tools are available in the market. With the ever-increasing penetration of internet access along with it getting faster as well as reliable, the website builders have become quite popular among the businesses. But finding the right tool can also be quite tricky.

In case you are new to building websites, or you wish to create a website for your business with very little technical knowledge then you should certainly consider using a website builder.

If you’re relatively new to building websites, or you want to create a website with the least amount of technical knowledge possible, then using a website builder can be a great place to start.

Website Builder – The Introduction

Website builders provide you the means to create a website without any knowledge of coding. It is quite easy to do so. In the past, in case you required an aesthetically beautiful as well as functional website, you would have to spend a significant amount of time to learn the coding yourself, or you would have to spend a lot of money to hire a web design team in order to build a site for you. But today’s best website builders allow you to create great websites without any coding experience.

Although, if you do have any coding as well as design knowledge then it can come quite handy for you to develop a great looking website but still with these website builders, it is no longer a necessary requirement.

Website builders use “What You See Is What You Get” or WYSIWYG software which allows you just to drag and drop various design elements to build a website. At present, there are hundreds of website builders available in the market.

Working of a Website Builder

Almost all website builder companies or providers have their own servers. All the process of each stage occurs on these servers. You just have to create an account within the provider, and then you can easily access the website builder software where you can edit the website by simply using the admin panel and then publish anything. Each stage of this complex process occurs on the server of the provider. Talking about the technology, you may probably think that every website builder software provider has a large of servers or a huge server. Any best website builder will certainly have a huge server. In case of these servers or server, each person who creates an account on these website builders is provided with access to a particular section of the server. Within that section, the user can have a defined webspace quota, and he can have access to the website builder software which actually performs the work for him.

When it comes to architecture, every project or every account is duly located at the subdomain of the domain of the provider. For example, of you type a subdomain named in any address bar of a browser then you will get to your section of the provider server. You may also point to your own actual domain, for example, to which your subdomain actually belongs to and the visitors of your website will be allowed to see the content of myprofiledomain section whenever they access the domain. Hence, the visitors won’t even know that they are viewing a website which is actually on the server of website builder provider. They will just think that they have access to your website. This is how simple website builder works.

Now we have explained what website builder is and how it works, now look at the how website builder is different from website hosting.

Well to understand the basic difference, if you want to be online, then you will require web hosting. A web host provides you the online space or essentially a server space in order to store the files such as content and images which are the building blocks of your website. A web hosting space is generally purchased on a subscription basis, and your website is available till you keep on “renting” on the server space. However, a website builder comes into picture when you decide about how to build your website. Whether you will design the website using coding or use any pre-design template which allows you just to add or modify the content and the images, you can easily build the website without any complications.

Now you must be wondering why you actually need a website builder. Well, to answer you, let’s continue to our next section.

Why use a Website Builder?

Talking about the biggest benefit of using a website builder is the fact that it provides you the ability to build a website as fast you can without any requirement of technical skills.

To start with website building process, just log in to your website and select any of the available themes and start customizing your website as per your liking. The website builders have evolved a lot, and the current ones allow you to create websites which can easily rival the designs of websites for which people actually spend a lot of money.

If you wish to build a website as fast as possible without getting into technical aspects and dealing with complex codes, then you should certainly consider a website builder.

Let’s talk about the advantages of using a website builder. Mentioned below are the key advantages which prove that choosing a website builder can be a great decision.

Advantages of using a Website Builder

  1. By using a website builder, you can significantly reduce the development and maintenance cost of the website. It allows you to spend your money efficiently to get best results and value for money.
  2. Website builders save you from the trouble of learning HTML or any type of website coding language. All you have to do is select a template in order to develop a website which fits your business requirements, and you are good to go.
  3. Most of the website builder reviews point out to one of the most important advantages of using website builder is that it provides you access to high-quality web graphics which you can use without any additional cost. All of these graphics can certainly help you in enhancing your web pages and hence make your website more attractive to your visitors.
  4. Most of the website builders provide a drag and drop facility. It essentially means that you don’t have to write a new code every time you have to make a change to your website. You need to drag and drop the required feature to your website design. It allows you to upgrade the content as well as images of your website with quite an ease.

However, there are few disadvantages of using a website builder. Let’s look into them in detail.

Disadvantages of using a Website Builder

  1. The website builders with drag and drop feature do have few weaknesses. At first, they are not quite customizable, and you don’t have any means to make the change while building the website. The types of websites built using these builders are generally thin when compared to websites which are built with a CMS or by any design team.
  2. The websites built using these builders are hosting using the shared servers which are duly provided by these builders. This essentially means that you won’t ever have full control over your website and your account can be banned anytime in case you violate any of their terms of service.
  3. Another major disadvantage of building a website using these builders the load time. The sites which are built using such builder generally load slower as you are sharing the bandwidth with other users. Also, you don’t get access to a site backup in case some accident happens, or you wish to migrate your website to another host.


Website builders help the user to create and build a fully functional and feature rich website quickly. It allows the user to build the websites without any experience in coding or technical know-how. These website builders are cost-effective solutions to build aesthetically beautiful and rich websites without getting involved in any complex process.

While most of the conventional content management systems of CMSs are particularly designer to administer big websites, website builder are designed taking smaller website projects into consideration, as per most of the website builder reviews that we considered. The user doesn’t need to have special programming skills such as CMS installation, database creation or template application.

Incorporating changes into website design or templates are quite easy to perform. With the ever-growing demand of great websites and variety of options available to the user while saving money in the development process.

With this, we end our in-depth article about what website builders are, why use them and what are their inherent advantages and disadvantages. We would certainly like to know your comments on our review. Just mention your views in the section below.

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