Must Have Android VPN Amidst Covid-19 Quarantine

Android VPN

The Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus pandemic has spread to more than 170 countries. Most nations are under lockdown, urging citizens to stay indoors and practice social distancing. At a time like this, when you are sitting at home with nothing much to do, internet becomes the most preferable medium for all kinds of activities. This extensive use of the internet has meant that now more than ever people need VPNs, but which one is the best? 

The need for a VPN

Before we discuss which, VPN is the best for Android devices, let’s take a look at what needs a person can have for a VPN while in quarantine. A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a program that masks user IP addresses to make all their data traffic anonymous. This helps protect against a host of cybercrime and allows users to browse the internet without any hindrances. During the current period of quarantine, here’s a few reasons why a VPN is essential:

Secure data while working from home

Most businesses around the world have closed their offices and employees are working from home. This has given rise to a dilemma in terms of protection of sensitive data because all staff connects to networks outside the secure office cyberspace. A VPN is one of the most effective ways to protect hackers from getting access to confidential information that might be sent from one person to another during remote operations. 

Unrestricted internet freedom

A lot of websites on the internet are blocked due to geographic restrictions from their owners. This includes business portals where important information might be available on products, services and other offerings. A VPN can help users get past these restrictions because of the rerouting of data traffic that it offers. For business users, students and even freelancers, this feature can provide a variety of benefits. 

Unblock Spotify, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer

Geographic restrictions also affect music as well as video streaming services like Disney+ and HBO Go. While platforms like BBC iPlayer are only available in certain regions, which in case of iPlayer is the UK, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime also vary the titles available in their libraries from one country to another. With a VPN, users can unblock Spotify or any other streaming service of their choice with just a few taps. 

Must have Android VPN

There are hundreds of VPNs available on the market these days but it is important to know that when using the service, you are letting sensitive information to pass through their servers. This can be dangerous with a VPN that is not reliable. One of the top VPN services available today is Ivacy. It provides state-of-the-art services at the most affordable rates out there. It is also one of the most reliable services, a fact that can easily be judged by a transparent privacy policy and user reviews. 

Essential VPN features

So, what are the features that make a VPN essential? Well, a VPN has diverse roles and the term ‘best’ is subjective depending on individual users. For instance, someone using a VPN for work related activities will require cybersecurity centered features while if your needs are purely entertainment related, then the list of necessary features can differ. Still, here’s a list of options that every VPN must provide in an effective manner without any loopholes. 


The number of servers and how evenly they are spread across the globe determines how efficiently and securely a VPN can unblock restricted websites in different parts of the world. In order to access Chinese websites, a VPN has to offer servers inside the country or otherwise it won’t work. Ivacy has more than 1000 servers spread across 100+ locations in 55 countries. The number is also expanding on a continuous basis. 

Encryption protocols

Data encryption protocols make sure that sensitive data is kept under an extra layer of security. In case a persistent hacker is able to get access to the information being sent over a network, encryption makes it impossible for them to use any of the data. The top VPNs like Ivacy provide AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption which is the highest level commercially available and almost impossible for a hacker to decode unless they have the right key. 

Extensive support

Since most people are in their homes, internet usage is rampant on a wide range of devices. Any gadget may be used for work, communications or entertainment at any point and it is imperative that all of these be protected. This is only possible through dedicated applications provided by the VPN service. Ivacy provides support for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, PS4, PS3, Xbox, smart TVs and even internet routers. 

Affordable price

Price is another factor that many users base their decision on. A majority of the free VPNs are not effective in their respective roles so paid subscriptions are the solution. Ivacy is one of the most affordable platforms online with a monthly package starting at $9.95. However, this is only the start as the 6-month package is just $5.00 a month and the 1-year plan comes down to only $3.50 per month. These are incredible savings for a service that has become essential these days. 

Comprehensive cybersecurity features

There are several other features that a good VPN provides besides encryption. These include secure DNS, minimization of the role of ISPs, dedicated IP addresses, IPv6 protection, advanced threat detection and prevention, public Wi-fi security, internet kill switches, split tunneling, secure downloading, DDoS protection and a lot more besides. The effectiveness of these features can always be measured through recommendations of rating websites and customer reviews. 


The timely use of a VPN can help eliminate a lot of problems and potential risks that can turn costly. It can also open doors to a whole new universe of entertainment related services and platforms. Of the few top ranked services, Ivacy is among a league of its own and if you are looking to buy a VPN, then this is one to get your hands on.