Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019 (Stellar Collection)

mothers day

A mother is a beautiful being who carries you in her body for nine months, brings you into this world, holds your tiny hand as you learn to walk, teaches you right from wrong, attends your recitals, cheers for you at the soccer practices, ignores her own needs to send you off to college, gives you her blessing as you start your life, and stays with you when everyone else leaves, so on and so forth.

There is absolutely no way you can repay your mother in full given all her dedicated efforts. However, what you can do though is make her feel appreciated on a day that’s specially dedicated to her across the globe. This Mother’s Day, give her a super-thoughtful gift, which she’ll enjoy. I have a number of ideas in store regarding this special occasion. Check them out below.

Book of the Month Membership

If your mother is an ardent bibliophile, then surprise her on this Mother’s Day with a ‘Book of the Month’ membership, curated by a panel of expert, celebrity guest judges. The packages vary from $44.99 (for three months) to $149.99 (for twelve months) respectively.

Smart Yoga Mat

This gift is perfect for a mother who likes to stay fit and in shape regardless of her hectic routine. You can get your mom Backslash’s self-rolling mat, which is Alexa-compatible and syncs yoga routines with a corresponding smartphone app. It is available on Amazon for $79.95. Place the order now over your speedy network, courtesy of Spectrum deals, and ensure that it arrives on your doorstep on time.

Thermos Mug

Mothershave already so much on their plate, from picking up kids to paying the bills, that sometimes they forget to treat themselves right. You can step in and make sure her coffee never gets cold by gifting her a stainless steel Hydro Flask mug, which has state-of-the-state insulation and costs only $29.95.

Gourmet Box

Gift your mom a luxurious French culinary experience this Mother’s Day in the form of a Bon Appétit gift box, costing around $30. This signature snack set consists of Duck Rillettes (Duck Breast Pâté), topped with Cornichon (tiny French gherkin), sided with Petit Toasts and served alongside South of France special Tapenade, made from black olives. Fancy, yes?

Wool Loungers

For mothers who’re up on their feet all day, moving from this place to that, what could be a better gift than the softest slip-on shoes in existence? I’m referring to Allbird’s sleek and smooth wool loungers, which are breathable and machine-washable on top of being super-comfortable. These come in a variety of colors and though they may be a bit costly ($95), they are absolutely worth it.

Adaptive Moisturizer

Is your mom’s skin dry and flaky? Then, how about you gift her a ‘smart moisture’ lotion this Mother’s Day? Yes, this Beautycounter product consists of an advanced Bio-mimic technology, which adapts to the pattern of the skin and self-regulates for 24 hours to maintain a perfect moisture level. Its price starts at a mere $24.

Wearable Keepsake

Purchase a custom gold bracelet with your mom’s favorite quote, handwritten by you, and wound in a delicate chain to shower her with loads of love this Mother’s Day. Head over to Etsy now and get it for $24.

Cross-body Phone Pouch

I can’t tell you how many times my mom has forgotten her cellphone at home. She’s always in such a rush and not to mention, distracted. If your mother’s like that, then gift her a MOKO cellphone pouch on her special day, capable of fitting a 6.5-inch display. This designer bag is available in multiple colors, has a strong PU leather make, adjustable shoulder strap, and protected pockets, etc. It’s available on Amazon for $13.99 only!

Cast Iron Skillet

Does your mother like to cook? Then, I’m sure she will love what Victoria has to offer. A pre-seasoned (100% flaxseed oil) 12-inch round cast iron skillet pan that’s perfect for making just about anything. Its main features include a longer curved handle that protects from heat-exposure, excellent durability and retention, easy grease removal, and a jaw-droppingly affordable price ($14.99!).

Lavender Bubble Bath

If there is one thing our mothers need to do is slow down and take a soul-refreshing bath to wash off their pent-up stress and ease their worry lines. L’OCCITANE offers a wonderful product in this regard, known as Lavender Foaming Bath, costing only $39. Lavender has a therapeutic scent, anti-inflammatory properties, and many more benefits, which makes it an ideal gift for your mother.


Sandals Resort is giving away free vacations and travel packages for mothers this May. Nominate your mom and gift her the trip of her life.

All in all, I hope the aforementioned ideas for Mother’s Day presents come handy to you this season. Let’s work together to make her feel happy and appreciated because she certainly deserves it.

Image Credits: Mother’s Day Gift from Evgeny Atamanenko /Shutterstock