Most Popular Fixes to “Something Went Wrong NVIDIA GeForce Experience” Errors

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NVIDIA, a famous manufacturer of graphics processing units, often pampers its clients with new models of affordable graphics cards. And good value for money isn’t the only advantage of NVIDIA’s products. GeForce is characterized by exceptional productivity and high-res graphics. Moreover, GeForce video cards come bundled with reliable and easily installable drivers, which ensures the best possible operation of all products. No wonder, millions of users worldwide choose GeForce to maximize their gaming experience. 

What is GeForce Experience?

GeForce Experience is a free application that allows players to automatically optimize their video card’s settings, as well as record and share their gameplay using intuitive controls and user-friendly menus. Since its launch, the GeForce Experience has undergone considerable improvements thanks to the introduction of new features such as ShadowPlay Highlights allowing you to automatically capture the best gaming moments, NVIDIA Ansel in-game photography technology, the Whisper silent mode, and many others. GeForce Experience enables users not only to customize, record, and share videos and screenshots of their gameplay, but also update their drivers in a timely manner, which, as we have already noted, is crucial for the proper operation of any video card. 

GeForce Experience Errors

Unfortunately, none PC component is immune to unexpected errors. The same goes for the

GeForce Experience application. On day you may end up seeing the “?Something went wrong try restarting your GeForce Experience? error. If you happen to witness such an annoying message, you may follow the default recommendation and restart the app. You may also search for a workable fix at, the website that knows how to help PC users in predicament. Or, you may go on reading our article, where we’ve put together the most popular and effective remedies to the GeForce Experience error. 

Possible Fixes

      1.   Run GeForce Experience as an Administrator 

 You should know that you may experience difficulty with your GeForce Experience app if you don’t run it with administrative privileges. Therefore, the first recommendable fix implies running the troublesome app as an administrator. We should note that giving the app’s client administrative permission often fixes the error on Windows 7 PCs, while on Windows 10, if may prove to be totally useless. Either way, you don’t risk anything if you give this method a shot regardless of the Windows version you’re using. To the following:

  1. Right-click on the ?Nvidia GeForce Experience? client and head to the “?Properties” section?.
  2. Click on ?Compatibility?.
  3. Tick the “?Run this program as an administrator?” box.
  4. Press Enter or OK to enables changes. 

Check if the problem still persists. 

      2.   Try Installing the latest GPU drivers

Though, it may seem that your current GPU driver is just fine and functioning properly, you should look for the most recent updates for your drivers. Visit NVIDIA’s official website and check if they have released any drivers for your video card model and series. If you find the necessary driver, don’t hesitate to download it onto your comp and install it at the earliest convenience. By the way, you may also want to disable the automatic update option in Windows, which is considered flawed. 

Here’s how you can perform the installation of the obtained drivers block future updates provided by Windows Update:

      1.   Locate you Windows search bar and search for “?View advanced system settings?.”

  • Select the ?Device installation settings?. 
  • Click on “?No?” and wait for changes to come into effect.
  • Then head to ?Nvidia’s official support site? and download the latest driver for your GeForce.
  • Follow the on-screen direction to perform the installation. 
  • Reboot your computer. 

Hope that this fix has been helpful and you won’t see the error in question anymore. Still, if not, check the following solution. 

      3.   Clean install all drivers and the GeForce Experience application itself

Before you take any further action, we need to warn you that the solution outlines below may appear time consuming and quite bothersome, especially to users having no previous experience with clean installing applications. Still, if you’re not new to this, you definitely should try doing the following:

  1. Avail yourself of any uninstaller program (if you haven’t had one yet). We recommend that you opt for Display Driver Uninstaller, which will help you remove the GeForce Experience app with its registry entries. 

Download the uninstaller and extract its contents. Run it. 

  • Use the Safe mode and recommended settings to remove the current version of your GeForce Experience from your PC. 
  • Get the new version for the application and download the latest driver for it. 
  • Install both GeForce Experience and its driver. 

We hope that clean installing the app has helped you solve the something went wrong NVIDIA GeForce Experience problem. Still, if this method hasn’t yielded any positive results, either, we suggest that you seek professional help. Maybe, the problem is more serious and requires more radical tweaks.