Most common mistakes during essay writing

Writing essays is an unavoidable part of higher education. Creating the perfect essay is always a challenge and many things can go wrong: citing mistakes, grammatical errors, plagiarism, structuring issues and many more.

You must have already read dozens of articles teaching you how to create an A+ essay, all of them telling you to stick to the pre-established structure and include a strong thesis. But no matter how many essays writing guides you would read it does not get easy and many times you just think why not have someone write my essay for me?

Yes, although it sounds very tempting to ask the help of an online custom essay writing service, a better idea would be to pay attention to the most common mistakes you can make while writings essays.

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Using too many arguments

You might already know from your teachers that you need strong arguments to defend the thesis. But you do not have to take this literally. You should not use as many quotes, statistics, and facts as you can find. For example, for an essay with five paragraphs, you need three main arguments. Avoid the trap of complicating the paper with unlinked statements just to make the thesis more credible.

Confusing the conclusion and introduction

It’s a common mistake for students to confuse the purpose of the introduction with the one of the conclusion and vice versa. In the introduction, you should present the main concepts and the thesis, while in the conclusion you briefly state the main points of the paper and restate the thesis. Although it sounds simple, many students make these sections of an essay very confusing.


Plagiarism is a serious offense both in academia and education. The best essays have various sources as evidence for the thesis arguments and statement, but there should always be included proper references. Paraphrasing or plagiarism is the same. You should not in any circumstances present someone else’s ideas without citing his/her name.

Not following the professor’s instructions

If your professor has told you to write an essay with five paragraphs and 800 words, then this is what you should do. No matter what the topic might be, writing 1200 words or 400 instead of the required number of words, can get you a bad mark. If you do not follow instructions, you might expect the professor to reject your paper. Is it a risk that you are willing to take?

Not recognizing that you need essay writing help

If you have a bunch of papers that you have to write in your exam week, the only solutions might be to buy essays online. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you need to rely on an experienced writer to be able to complete all the tasks on time. Many online writing companies offer custom writing services for their clients, so the essay will be written according to your requirements. The main idea here is to realize that you need help before it’s too late.

Relying only on spell checkers

Yes, technology helps us a lot and spell checkers really come in handy. But you should not rely on software alone as these programs can be faulty. You should take time and read the paper carefully and if you can in the printing version. Sometimes, reading on a screen can be tiring for the eyes, and you might miss certain mistakes. You should also ask someone else to read it and proofread for any mistakes that you might have missed.

Writing essay will always be a challenge no matter how many you have written before. Pay attention to these common mistakes and the quality of your paper will be much better.