Mobile trends in 2020

mobile trends

2020 is going to see a lot of movement in the mobile market. After a decade of perfecting technologies, developing new solutions and creating ever better mobile software, we are at a point where only the best thrive. When talking about trends in the mobile landscape,  user-centrism, customer-centrism remain the top priorities, but there’s also a significant increase in interest in more sophisticated, and to-date a bit underappreciated technologies and solutions. Below you will find the top 4 trending topics that are sure to be on everyone’s lips this year. 2020 will see a slew of apps utilizing these technologies, so if you’re investing in mobile, be sure to take these into consideration.

AI , Machine learning

The obvious contestant, artificial intelligence has finally made its way properly into the mainstream. Up until recently perceived by the market as a  bit of a sci-fi, hard to implement IRL, “not yet there” idea, in 2020 AI and Machine Learning is a force to be reckoned with. We see a huge interest and numerous implementations in healthcare – from genetic studies, through radiology to EHR management. 

The financial markets took to ML like duck to water (obviously), same as insurers and pretty much anyone processing customer information. The amount of data various industries record and process every second is unfathomable. In combination with Machine Learning, business applications here are practically limitless. The more data about your users you have at your disposal, the harder it becomes to manage it or get something useful out of them. Machine Learning offers an amazing opportunity to derive statistical, behavioral and other types of valuable data from this near limitless source.   

Mobile apps play a crucial role in gathering of user data, so if you’re thinking how you can tap into the AI craze, 2020 is your time to create mobile solutions that, apart from providing great experience for users, collect data about their behaviors.

High volume data processing capability is ML’s strongest point, and in combination with the right mobile solution can be the source of invaluable information about the user and their habits. ML’s fantastic capabilities span much more that B2C applications and should be considered a real game changer for the global business. 


A lot has happened since the initial Bitcoin and Ethereum craze. Largely misunderstood looking back a few years, blockchain is making a comeback this year. By now the technology is thoroughly mature and with the inevitable advent of Web 3.0, is going to see an unprecedented boom. Transaction-enabled blockchain technologies will be (already are) used across industries for securing digitization of practically all non physical assets. Soon enough everything – stocks, bonds, plane tickets and anything you can store digitally will have a blockchain tech supporting it one way or another.   

The U.S. are already behind and will have to play catch up with China, after a bold move in October, when president Xi announced the state’s official support for blockchain technology. China’s hardcore shift in favor of blockchain (state’s central bank is ready to test their own digital currency) is just one reason for the the rest of the world to start shaping up. We’ve got so much coming into blockchain, that if you play your cards right (and soon) there’s a piece of the multi – billion dollar cake in it for you too. 

Self sovereign identity, automation of agreements, digitization of assets – all open new avenues for businesses worldwide to provide services to consumers that will enable them to benefit from the introduction of Web 3.0 to the full. 

What is blockchain going to do for mobile experience in 2020? Just for starters – UEFA will utilize the tech to distribute over 1M tickets over their app this year. Generally, mobile transactions (see below) are gaining momentum, and online anonymity, traceability and trust that blockchain technologies provide will be in the focus of both app developers and businesses expanding their services with mobile experience. 

Mobile wallets

Predicted to hit $1trn worth this year in facilitated transactions, the market for smartphone-based point-of-sale payment methods is to be in full swing in 2020 . Although trust among the older generation is still fairly low, mobile wallets made their way into the lives of younger users and the demand is only going to grow. E- wallets can hold all sorts of non-physical assets. Apart from regular currency, you can use them to manage crypto, stocks, bonds and a range of other virtual possessions.

Providing high quality mobile experience for electronic wallets is becoming a priority for businesses in the financial sector. The less time we have on our hands, the more we tend to rely on our mobile devices. Being able to sort out your banking, taxes, payments, bills etc. from anywhere you like is a huge convenience and quickly becomes a habit. Imagine going to the post office to pay your utility.. so 2009. Now, bills paying themselves out of your account sounds more like 2020, and the right mobile wallet in combination with blockchain should give you just that, along with peace of mind your digital treasure chest is safe and secure. 

Mobile wallets are the future happening now and you can bet on it that in a few years cash will be all but a memory and electronic payments in all forms will rule the world.   


Beacon technology is IMHO the top market trend to watch in 2020. However simple the devices themselves, the range of uses across industries makes these inconspicuous pieces of hardware a top consideration for investment this year. Beacons and mobile apps are the perfect fit. The range of use cases is practically endless. This year, there’s a particular focus on utilizing the beacon technology for indoor location. You can create systems for tracking employees in the workplace, customers in shopping centres, patients in health- or aged-care facilities. Another application – proximity marketing, opens the path for more personalized, intelligent advertising. 

Beacons are brilliant in their simplicity, and integrating them with mobile software is easy and straightforward. How will you use them to grow your business? You’re only limited by your imagination.  


Mobile app development landscape is teeming with new technologies, tools and solutions ready to be utilized in most sophisticated ways across all industries. Mobile experience will be the main actor in changes and improvements in our daily lives this year. If you’d like to learn more on how these trends correlate with mobile development technologies, be sure to read about the Top 4 technologies to develop your app in 2020.

The above trends indicate where mobile apps can really make their mark. With the growing number of solutions, and developing new technologies, I am positive that whatever your idea and budget, tapping into one of the above will be of great benefit to both your consumers and your business.