Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Spa Business

Spa Business

With hectic lifestyles, busy routines but a greater inclination towards fashion and beauty the demand for good day spas is rising exponentially. Spas are not only considered as an important beauty and grooming related services but it also offers a much need relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body to its customers. Men and Women flock to spas every day not only to get groomed for weddings and parties but also to take a quick relaxing retreat from their busy hectic and robotic life. An hour long foot massage not only cleanses and beautifies your feet, but it reflexes your veins and gives you new energy to kick start your day.

Although spas are a lucrative business, since the demand of beauty industry never seems to go south, which makes spas a lucrative business, it is still one of the trickiest businesses to manage. Since spas are a tertiary sector business that deals directly with customers on one to one basis, customer satisfaction and quality of service is critical for business success. There are a number of small mistakes that turn into major blunder and effect service quality that results in inbusiness failure. If you are aspiring to set your foot in the spa industry, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid.

Ambiguity of Vision

Simply stating that you are a spa is not enough. You need to be clear about what exactly do you intend to offer, as tat will define the roadmap and requirements of your business. For example, you need to define will you be operating as a spa or will your business include salon services too. Furthermore, what kind of spa and salon services will you be offering? You will have to recruit staff, buy products andequipment and design infrastructure and space accordingly.

Spa Design

The design and interior of your spa are of utmost important for a spa business. You cannot just rent out premises with some chairs and mirrors and start your services. When customers walk into a spa, they come to relaxand are therefore looking for a certain kind of environment. It is highly recommended that you hire an interior designer who can advice you about how your spa should look like. Ideally, your premises should be a breathable space dominated by natural elements such as wood, plants and natural light. The ambiance itself should be soothing and relaxing and should give out a feel-good vibe. Moreover, your premises should be spacious enough so that it does not look crowded and congested after a few clients walk in.


Make sure you invest in relevant and good quality spa equipment such a pedicure stations, waxing machines, steamers, and other similar equipment. Many small spas make a blunder of relying on regular household freezers to produce ice and are often left embarrassed in front of customers. Youfind a commercial ice machine on ckitchen.com and save yourself from the trouble and embarrassment.

Skilled Staff

It is very important that your staff knows their job well. You cannot just ask a random person to work as a masseuse. A certified masseuse will be trained to understand the requirement of the customers and work on the relevant pressure points accordingly. Same applies to workers recruited for other spa services.

Image: Spa Business via Shutterstock/Best Photos by Anna Paul