Microsoft Certification Training- An Inside Perspective

Microsoft Certification Training

People learn through various ways, and Microsoft provides different ways of getting certified. It means you have the flexibility of selecting from online courses; virtual classroom live, instructor-led live and accelerated boot camp training.

A Close Look at Each

Take a close look at each form of Microsoft certification training to have a better idea,

  • Accelerated Bootcamp Training– If you want a reliable and quick means of getting Microsoft Certified then this is the training for you. Also known as Microsoft Boot camps this training will enable students in learning technologies within half the time required in traditional classroom training. The Certification Camps delivers specialized training exclusively using this format. Their training model will merge certification preparation and knowledge into a single solution. It is one of the hybrid solutions designed for one in learning the exam’s objectives and not merely learn the exam. 
  • Instructor Led Training- Here you can interact with the Microsoft certified trainers face to face. If you are planning to develop your technical expertise and skills, you can learn through the experts themselves. Here there are two options that you can pick from- Virtual Classroom Live and Classroom Live.
  • Online Training- Through online training, you have the liberty of learning at your own pace. These courses are provided via the Microsoft Learning Partners and will offer you the skills and knowledge that you require focusing on the certifications that are new-role based accessible for you to attain. 

An Overview on Microsoft Certifications

Of late you can follow 7 different paths which will cover all technologies and products under Microsoft. These include,

  • Cloud- This category contains hybrid and private clouds, server infrastructures, data centers that are software-defined, big data, data analytics, cloud data platform services, machine learning, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016, business intelligence, DevOps and much more. It is Microsoft Certification’s new mainstream.
  • Mobility- This is a category exclusively for desktop and end-user topics and includes planning and managing devices within an enterprise setting, working with Intune and System Center Configuration Manager, enterprise and desktop applications and Windows 10.
  • Data- Now this arena includes Microsoft SQL Server 2016, data management, data analytics, business applications, business intelligence, machine learning and other forms of Microsoft database technologies. In fact database development is equally vital and comprises of working with developing SQL databases and Transact-SQL. The business applications include comprehensive coverage of both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Data management and data analytics cover different topics including implementing data models as well as reports, database solutions, big data analytics services, cloud data platform services and various facets of business intelligence services.
  • Productivity- This arena brings the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) credentials along with those associated with Microsoft productivity offerings like Office 365 identities, needs and services, Skype for business, SharePoint Server and Exchange Server.
  • App Builder– This category is development-oriented and covers everything of utilizing Microsoft platforms and solutions for building compatible software. The different topics covered under this category include managing development all through the whole software lifecycle, Visual Studio Team Foundation, SharePoint Server and Azure.
  • Business Applications- This arena concentrates on the platforms of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and also technologies comprising of Field Service, Retail, Finance and Operations, Financials (AX), Trade and Distribution (AX), Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Sale and different other focused apps.

The List of Available Certifications

Every certification path comprises different certifications and the various certifications that you can get include,

  • Microsoft MTA
  • Microsoft MCSA
  • Microsoft MCSD
  • Microsoft MCSE
  • Microsoft MCE
  • Microsoft MCA

Benefits Galore

Take a look at the different benefits of undergoing this certification training,

  • Master MS Office- It is the Microsoft credential that will establish your foundation on utilizing MS Office with precision be it PowerPoint to create a presentation, Word to create documents or Excel to manage data. Having a good understanding when it comes to Microsoft programs will be showcased through Microsoft Certification which in turn will help you in creating a strong grounding especially career prospects related to IT. 
  • Make Great Charts- When you are through with Microsoft programs automatically, you will turn into a skilled chart builder. Making charts is generally regarded as a job for business analysts and finance professionals. But the truth is almost every job for that matter demands this skill at some point. For supporting any form of source and data, you will have to rely on charts. Besides charts is an essential element in presentations often used in the office.
  • Collate Data Together- In today’s world, data actually means something. For supporting your idea or view, you require sufficient data for putting forward. During such situations, the finest program to depend on will be none other than MS Excel. You can use this application for data collation and extensive formatting. The best part through this application you will be capable of bringing various files together as well as sorting data properly.
  • The flexibility of Work- Being accessible online, Microsoft program is a generation succeeding big thing. Through this, you are capable of sharing your work online with stakeholders and business leaders from anywhere. It will not only make your work more flexible, but your ability to easily functioning MS programs will make you a leader at work.
  • Good Career Prospects-Along with making the office work effective and easy, this certification training will also help in opening up for you much better career prospects. This way you will be capable of vouching for analytical roles and challenging leadership with the MS credential. Besides you can demand a hike for salary and a better position based on your expertise of thoroughly using the Microsoft program for better business and better success. This credential in most cases is a must for grabbing a job.

The knowledge of using Microsoft is a fundamental need for maximum job profiles. Right from coding, marketing, business analysis to accounting and more, having a good awareness of Microsoft programs is a must. Having certification training on MS Programs can result in different form of benefits both personal and work-related. So make the most of it for a successful career ahead.

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